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  • Autokinetic Effect - Erik Saltwell's Weblog

    PDC and Linq, two great tastes...

    I had the great pleasure of helping to represent one of Microsoft's new technologies at the PDC this year, its called LINQ; Language INtegrated Query. I hope to provide a number of posts about the details of LINQ and XLinq over the next few weeks, but I thought I should start with a simple introduction first, for everyone who was not able to make it to this event. ...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    September preview of DSL Tools

    The September preview of the DSL Tools is now available. This version has samples to help you start with various popular styles of modelling: class diagrams, activity diagrams, and use case diagrams. You can use these as starting points for your own designers...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Web 2.0 Meme Map and Microsoft

    Tim O'Reilly posted this great Web 2.0 meme map of over at Flickr . (via Web 2.0 Show ) The text in the middle box is interesting. In the spirit of the mash-up (or is it 'mash up'?), I've taken the liberty of adding Microsoft related links to these...
  • Shy Cohen's WebLog

    BAD P!

    At the PDC I presented an acronym (BAD P) that can help you folks (and myself ;-) remember the 4 tenets of service orientation. Some folks asked me to publish it on my blog, so here goes. B stands for Boundaries . A service has an explicit boundary...
  • Test Guide

    Sparkle Bloggers: A Compendium

    I've mostly avoided linking to bloggers on my team for fear of inadvertently giving away what we are doing. Now that we are public that's no longer a worry. So: here is every blog-by-a-Sparkle-person I know about. I'll update this list as people tell...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    I've got my Wizard!!!

    A great day today! A package arrived with my HTC Wizard today! I haven't had much time to tinker with it today but I wanted to post my first thoughts. 1. Wow! This device is amazing - it is slightly thicker than the iMate JAM but is still pocketable...
  • Mario Hadiwinata's Blogs

    Information Bridge Framework

    Back in 2001, I hardly understand why is Microsoft releasing Smart Tag in top of Office XP. Still, I did a small research on it and found it's really a huge improvement in unlocking the potential of Microsoft Office, not just as a productivity tools ...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    RSS - more exponential trends

    Andrew Lampert points out more RSS exponential trends: "TechCrunch is reporting on the recently released Feedburner statistics that show the growth of Feedburner subscribers and managed feeds over the last 18 months. Both show clearly exponential...
  • Satisfy Me

    "Grumble grumble." Customers talk back to Comms Companies...

    The Washngton Post today has an interesting online transcript of a discussion between consumers and company execs to discuss customer service in the communications industry. Included were execs from Cingular Wireless, Cox Communications and Verizon. This...
  • Anthony Bloesch's Web Log

    How should database models be persisted?

    The conventional way to persist the semantic data in a graphical database design/modeling tool is as a single binary file. This is easy to implement but does not mesh well with the text oriented tools developers typically use (e.g. editors, source code control systems, file diff and file searching utilities). In addition, if something goes wrong recovering your data is difficult. I think a better way to persist semantic information is as a small number of T-SQL creation scripts....
  • marklon

    Exceptions should be exceptional

    I spend a lot of time looking at systems that are not working very well. Sometimes they are unstable. Sometimes they are not scaling well. Very often, these applications will be throwing many handled exceptions and sometimes a few unhandled ones. I don...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Bite of Advice: The art of the search ... part 2

    Suggestion Kittty says …. Yesterday, I advised you on how to expect and deal with recruiters or hiring managers searching for your name on the internet . Today, I offer you this: If you have an upcoming interview and you know the name of your interviewer...
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