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  • Ben Armstrong

    Scripting launch dependencies under Virtual Server

    With more complex virtual machine configurations you might find that you have dependencies on the order in which virtual machines should be launched (for instance one virtual machine may be a domain controller - while the other virtual machines are members...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    MVP Summit Chat: Ping me if you want to meet up

    I've been spending a lot of time at the MVP summit so far and if you'd like to meet up and chat feel free to ping me at . I'll be at the conference center most of the day tomorrow. Let me know if you want to chat about forums...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    I am such a loser

    [a public apology] Rob , I owe you a heartfelt apology. I let you down and a public apology is the best way I can think of to convey how wretched I feel about it. Secondly, a bottle of Walla Walla's finest is the the best way I can think of to make...
  • Kathy Kam

    MVP Global Summit

    Tonight, I got to meet many MVP at the MVP Global Summit . Thanks for all your great feedback and discussions about the CLR! Here are some of the key takeaways I have: - Developers want improvement in performance for Reflection (Has anyone read...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Memeorendum - UI into the syndicated, real-time, memetic web

    For the last couple of weeks I've been using memeorendum , encouraged by a number of recommendations and mentions I've seen posted (as well as referrers to the blog). I could see the memerendum's potential, a bit, but it wasn't until tonight that...
  • Satisfy Me

    I reached the Summit (Global, that is)

    This week in Redmond on campus is the 2005 MVP Global Summit . (For those who don't know, annual Global Summit for our MVPs is a chance for all levels of people across the Microsoft product and field groups to meet & greet, host and knoodle with the...
  • jfo's coding

    Showing a form without activating

    Went to the MVP summit this evening - it was great to see everyone. I got a question from Tim about how to show a form without activation using Windows Forms 2.0. The first thing you should probably ask yourself is - can I host this in a ToolStripDropDown...
  • SharePoint Apps: Alexander Malek's weblog

    a story of data and views

    As I mentioned previously, my main area of focus on FrontPage is features that help users build applications for SharePoint. The cornerstone of our app creation experience in FP 2003 is a little thing we call the ‘Data View’ web part. You can think of...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Exploring the Crypto API

    Another Record Your Demo - In this video Duane LaFlotte , available here he explores the Crypto API and how it can be used within a .NET application. <<View Exploring the Crypto API>>
  • IDE Weblog by Fiazs

    Expanding your own types in watch window

    When viewing types in debugger watch window you can expand these types. The rules used for expanding types in watch window are stored in AUTOEXP.DAT file. This file is located in directory: <Visual Studio .Net installation directory>\Common7...
  • Dieter's ProjBlog


    A nearly universal element of EPM (enterprise project management) deployments is the implementation of custom business processes. Each organization has their own methodology for proposing projects, asking for resources to fund or staff a project, taking...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Shared Heap Pitfalls

    Posted by: Sue Loh I just saw someone on our newsgroups make a recommendation that to get past the Windows CE 32MB per-process VM limitation, you can use shared heaps to make your allocations. I would like to explain some of the pitfalls of choosing...
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