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  • One Billion Users: Emerging Trends in Emerging Markets

    Too lazy to link

    The other night I realized that I would like my editor to link for me. That is, I know what I want to link, but I am too lazy to find the actual URL to stick in there. This commonly happens on my own personal blog, when I refer to previous events....
  • Brad Abrams

    ROTOR Exceptions and XP SP2

    Possibly old news, but I wanted to archive the answer here for posterity. XP SP2 made some security related changes that impacted ROTOR … in particular a customer recently reported: The issue revolves around exception handling. It would appear that...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Tech Ed - first half of day 1

    Tech Ed 2005 is underway. We've been busy this morning ensuring people know where to go for their sessions. The MSDN Connection lounge is looking great. We've got four XBoxes and a variety of games. The XBox consoles are networked and we have three...
  • Steven Sinofsky's Microsoft TechTalk

    Chrysler has interns redesign the Jeep

    I was just reading a WSJ article (WSJ subscription required) on Chrysler asking interns to design the Jeep of the future. This is most certainly a cool intern project in that you get to be as creative as you can be and one that has clearly not been a...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    Less Framework Reboots

    I joined the VS Setup team over1.5 years ago. The first project I worked on was to help reduce the number of reboots for the .NET Framework. We concentrated on reboots caused by mscoree.dll being in use which the CLR team agreed that a pending file rename...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog


    I came across this on Channel9 and couldn't resist linking to it:
  • Lester's WPF\Silverlight Blog

    Lift the curtains!!!

    So just the other day I was looking at one of the other blogs and it occurred to me that I could contribute in my own way!! and Lo and behold!!! heres my blog Up and running.. The next thing in question was the content and what better thing to write...
  • Bug Babble

    Use the symbol server

    Below you see the sad state of affairs that comes from not using the public symbol server: This is not the callstack you want to see. With only exports loaded for ntdll.dll you are missing the whole show. What you need is the public symbol server...
  • Dgoldman's WebLog

    OABInteg and how to use it to troubleshoot OAB generation issues.

    With all of the extensive troubleshooting and debugging that I have done over the last year for OAB generation process, I thought it would be worth while to write an tool that could help customers troubleshoot these issues. The OAB generation process...
  • Michael Rys

    Channel 9 and Ken North Videos

    I am back from vacation (no shark encounter :-)). I had a good time and have much more photos and dive reports to upload. While I was gone, Robert Scoble and Channel 9 published the video they took in my messy office before I went on vacation to give...
  • Michael Rys

    Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery

    Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery, because I will be presenting a deep dive into XQuery in SQL Server at PDC . Here are some PDC links: PDC Main Page PDC Sessions Registration PDC Bloggers Channel 9...
  • Noah Horton's WebBlog

    Meetings at the PDC

    I was just scheduling a couple meetings at the PDC with some of our existing partners. If any readers are considering using any of the MS P2P technologies or the new Peer Collaboration technologies, please use the contact link on my blog to get in touch...
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