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  • oliverlu's WebLog

    Visual Studio 2005的一些资料

    再过一段时间, Visual Studio 2005 的 Beta 2 应该就要出来了。现在, Visual Studio 2005 最令人期待的是: VC++ 的巨大改进 Common Language Infrastructure C# 中的新功能 当然,相信对于其他人,可能还有其他的关注点。 接下来的一段时间,会学习上面几点的知识,同时,会把学到的东西放在这里共享。 今天先把一些 MSDN 上的文章放在这里,和大家共享: C++/CLI 从 Managed C++ 到 C++/CLI 中的一些变化...
  • Chris Johnson

    Digital Image Pro 10

    I take quite a few digital photos ... and up until now have used a number of different editing packages to work with them. Up until now I have been dissapointed by Microsofts previous versions of image manipulation and editing software. Today i installed...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    MSRC International Forum: "Less is More - Simple Computing in an Age of Complexity"

    Microsoft Research in Cambridge (MSRC), UK, is organizing a forum in April, 2005 to discuss what will happen as computers continue to become "smaller, cheaper, more powerful, ubiquitous and more diverse." This three-day event, organized and sponsored...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    A .Net outlook on extending Outlook

    I recently got curious about how easy it is to extend Outlook using .Net. I currently use one Outlook Add-in, NewsGator , as my blog (RSS feed) aggregator. Briefly, I've found two ways you can use .Net to leverage Outlook data: either (1) by talking to...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    Free Visual Studio Partner Product DVD

    I should have covered this a long time ago, but I was reminded today by Brian that we offer a free VSIP partner product DVD . I can't tell from the site which ones are the full versions and which ones are only demos, but it doesn't cost much to find out...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    WMDG loses one of its own.

    So often, you don't hear about the developers who work behind the curtains here at Microsoft. Today I'd like to talk a bit about one of them. One of the key developers on Windows Multimedia at Microsoft is Syon Bhattacharya. Syon was responsible for many...
  • high z

    Using message headers to extend an existing app protocol

  • The Design-Time Developer

    "Fish and Chips... with Vinegar?!" or "Why You Should Check Out Smart Clients"

    Some time ago, I was visiting a friend who was studying abroad in London. This friend, whom I will call Alex [because that's his name], took me out for traditional fish and chips at a London fish and chip shop. It was a small nook, with only a handful...
  • Share Points

    SPUM2003 X1.1 - (V1.0 will be SPUser.EXE)

    Made some progress on SPUM2003 and I have now decided to release version X1.1 for you guys to look at. Please be aware of the following: Whats in over version X1.0 Ability to add users to a WSS site Ability to delete users from a WSS site Ability to edit...
  • Chris Johnson

    SPS Document ratings tool....

    IanM pointed to this as a good out of the box document ratings add on to Sharepoint:
  • dangriff's WebLog

    The Art of War

    I just read an excellent translation of Sun Tzu's famous book The Art of War . The translation itself is apparently well-known - by Lionel Giles in 1910. But this edition of the book (published by Barnes & Noble - as an aside, I just read in the Wall...
  • Peter Torr's Blog

    Career Update

    Just thought I’d let people know that I have moved from the Visual Studio Tools for Office team to the Secure Windows Initiative team. Exactly what that means for my blogging activities, I don’t yet know. I haven’t really been doing much of...
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