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  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Nouveau livre sur les strategies de groupe

    Nouveau livre sur les stratégies de groupe un must ....A lire absoluement Expert guidance for taking advantage of Group Policy in Windows to simplify the management of hundreds—or thousands—of users...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Guide des bonnes pratiques pour l'administration des réseaux

    Nouveau contenu concernant les bonnes pratiques autours de l'administratioln des réseaux " Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) has completed the full suite of MOF service management...
  • Mario Briana

    Technical Summit Tour 2005

    Nachdem wir die letzten Wochen ziemlich viel auf Tour waren, bin ich froh das schöne Wetter geniessen zu können und abends mal mit meiner Familie im Biergarten zu sitzen. Die Tour hat viel Spaß gemacht und nach drei Jahren ohne technische Präsentationen...
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    I'm doing a web cast titled "Building a Click Once Toolkit"

    This is a pretty cool webcast, where I'll show you a little class library that I threw together to aid in adding ClickOnce features to your application. Here is the source code. . In that zip file, you'll find a project...
  • daclark's WebLog

    Why Authorization Manager?

    Authorization Manager (or AzMan) is the authorization API built into Windows Server. It provides RBAC AccessChecks to application developers for free and supported by the Windows team. You can use Windows Groups or LDAP queries to assign membership to...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: ISAPI Filter Redirection Walkthrough

    HOWTO: ISAPI Filter Redirection Walkthrough...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Overview

    The IEEE 802.11i standard formally replaces Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and the other security features of the original IEEE 802.11 standard. WPA2™ is a product certification available through the Wi-Fi Alliance that certifies wireless equipment as...
  • Carol Roy's WebLog - Journal web de Carol Roy

    Échanger des messages en toute fiabilité avec WSE 3.0, c'est maintenant possible

    C'est fait, la version CTP de Web Services Enhancement 3.0 est disponible depuis vendredi dernier. Cette version de la librairie permettant de construire des services web en utilisant les standards avancées WS-* supporte, entre autre, le standard WS-ReliableMessaging...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Tech.Ed Australia Flair

    Ok Aussie bloggers, we have a button available for those of you who will be attending Tech.Ed. ( I told you the marketing machine was moving ) Here's the HTML you can use. <A HREF="
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)


    翔泳社Windows Developer Magazine編集長野村様、佐々木様を訪問し、Community Server(CS)とDotNetNuke(DNN)の説明をさせていただきました。 おそらく、おそらく数ヶ月後には、両アプリケーションの記事が掲載されると信じてます:-) BlogツールとしてCSを説明するときに必ず興味をもっていただけるのが、各投稿に対して複数のカテゴリ(勝手に マルチカテゴリ と命名)を設定でいるという点です。同等機能を他のBlogシステムで、実装しているのは、ASP...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    RMIT Student Day and why you should get in to IT...

    Hopefully you found the day interesting and you enjoyed my Windows Mobility session, hey and even better you might be clearer why you might eventually like a job in IT!! If you are already in IT and particularly software development then spare a moment...
  • Visio

    Visio 自習書

    先日開発者向けのガイドが公開になりましたが、 これに続いて各種図面の作成を解説するトレーニング テキスト。Visio の製品サイトにはたくさんのサンプル図面がありますが、夫々の作成方法を詳しく解説しています。
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