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  • Kam VedBrat

    scratchy nano

    Looks like I'm not the only one who's nano screen scratched up too quickly. seems to indicate that it's happening a lot more frequently than anyone wanted...
  • HeeJae's Blog

    Generic Class 에 대해 part 1

    class GenericClass<T, G> : GenericBase where T : IComparable { T _genericVariable; public GenericClass(T t) { _genericVariable = t; } class NestedGenericClass { public NestedGenericClass() { } } static public void...
  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    How should I determine the success or failure of a Windows Installer install?

    Question How should I determine the success or failure of a Windows Installer install? Answer Generally there are two ways of invoking Windows Installer, a MSIExec command line call or an MSI API (MsiInstallProduct, MsiInstallProductEx, MsiReinstallProduct...
  • HeeJae's Blog

    2005 컴파니 미팅을 가다!!

    저번 금요일, 컴파니 미팅이라는게 있었다. 사실 처음 가는 거라 뭘까 궁금했는데, 간단히 말하면, 앞으로 회사가 어떤 방향으로 나아갈 껀지, 작년 회사가 뭘 했는지 등등을 직원들에게 알려주는 행사 같은거다. 시작 하고 나서, 빌게이츠가 나와서 여러 가지 회사가 새로 개발하고 있는 프로젝트에 대한 설명, 회사가 가지고 있는 비젼등등을 얘기 하고, 회사의 각 디비젼의 장들이 나와서, 각 디비젼이 새로 출시 하거나, 계획 중인것들에 대해 발표 했다...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Ruby: Adding line numbers to source code

    Frequently I feel the need for putting line numbers in source files which I put up in my blogs so that I can refer to them in the discussion that follows. /* 1 */ using Output=System.Console; /* 2 */ /* 3 */ namespace AbhinabaNameSpace /* 4 */...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    New VS Uninstall Tool available

    The VS Beta and CTP uninstall tool has been updated and is now available at: Please make sure you run this before installing any future version of Visual Studio 2005 (including the released version).
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    Visual Studio RC fails on Vista Beta 1

    When trying to install the Release Candidate of Visual Studio (build 50727.26) on Windows Vista Beta 1, the installation will fail. The .NET Framework on Windows Vista Beta 1 does not match the .NET Framework packaged with The Visual Studio Release...
  • Stan's WWWeblog

    Winnie the Oooooh!

    That's my nickname for Windows Mobile 5.0 , little bro to big brothers Windows XP and Server 2003. I tried to fight it but I couldn't resist getting the new Sprint PPC 6700 , the first device on which it runs and I have to say this is pretty damn cool...
  • J.D. Meier's Blog

    Security Guidance for .NET 2.0 Index

    The following is an index of the patterns & practices Security Guidance released as part of the Security Guidance for .NET 2.0 project. Short-Cuts You can append SecurityGuidance , SecurityEngineering , or ThreatModeling to or http...
  • SharePoint Apps: Alexander Malek's weblog

    The case of the missing 'Insert Hyperlink' button

    Adding content through the SharePoint browser-UI is generally workable (especially if you use the super cool 'data sheet' view), but it lacks some of the richer formatting options that one finds in most modern browser-based content editors, such as the...
  • Hemant's blog(s)

    Managing builds through Command Line

    Before Beta3, builds could be fired only through the UI. Now a command line alternative is available. The command line tool also provides options to stop and delete a build. The latter functionality is not available through the UI. The tool provides a...
  • Anil Dhawan's Blog

    Hardware for the WindowsCE based media player

    The hardware needed to create your own WindowsCE based media player....
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