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  • mgrier's WebLog

    What if close could fail?

    Yesterday I made the claim that close() can’t fail in a meaningful way. Meaning that if it’s invoked on an object in a state that does not support close(), it’s a programming/coding error. I believe that this is correct but we’ll see that there are...
  • notes and rants

    What a difference a month makes

    I never thought that I'd be taking such a long break after my last post. I thought I'd just quickly settle into my new job and I'd have plenty to write about. Life is never that easy. There was (and still is) a lot to learn in my new position, but...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Original Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy Radio Program

    Yesterday, I managed to find the original Hitchhiker's radio series in an archive from KCRW , an NPR station station in Santa Barbara. The series consists of 12 half-hour segments, with the full twelve segments covering the the first three books of...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    ASP.NET 2.0: Storing profiles in an external SQL Server

    Another question I received recently that I wanted to follow up on was whether it's possible to store data for the ASP.NET 2.0 Profile feature in a separate SQL Server database (as opposed to the default, which uses a local instance of SQL Server 2005...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    MSF Agile Beta download

    As a follow-up to a customer event I presented at yesterday, I wanted to post the download link for the MSF 4.0 Agile methodology, currently in beta: Download here . MSF Agile is one of the two process methodology templates that will ship with Visual...

    Meltdown 2005 Registration Open

    It looks like registration is now open for Meltdown, which is scheduled for July 26 and 27 in Seattle. (I'm bugging my boss now to let me go.) Here's the page with the details: Meltdown 2005 - Gathering the Superheroes of Game Development Join us...
  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    New Developer eLearning

    Now available 24x7 online training! Check it out: all for the unbelievable price of: no tea... This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    Wojtek Kozaczynski joins the blogsphere

    Wojtek Kozaczynski , software architect in PAG, industry legend and general thorn in my side (or maybe it's me who is the thorn in his side), has finally started his own blog. Wojtek is a very smart and funny bloke so we can expect to see some good things...
  • Jamie's Junk

    Jim Gray's Call to Arms

    Here's a nice article from Jim Gray that (intentionally or not) puts many of the features of SQL 2005 in a larger perspective and discusses general database trends going forward
  • Windows Embedded Standard (Standard 7, Standard 2009, XPe...)

    Cabs with a view

    Found this story on ITWorld about cabs in metropolitan areas being outfitted with Windows XP Embedded Information Appliance devices built into the back of the driver seat. The passenger can surf the web, check sports, view TV guides, find the nearest...
  • Rick LaPlante's WebLog

    Brian Harry talks about our NC office and working at MS

    Here's a short article in the local Raleigh paper on our NC office complete w/ interview w/ Brian and Craig Harry... -Rick
  • Dev Notes

    Adventures in Uninstallation

    If you are already tweaking your system for uninstalling Beta products of Visual Studio 2005 or CTPs of VSTS Team Suite, please stop doing random tweaks. You better follow a sequence of uninstallation and clean up process in order to install Beta 2 of...
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