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  • jamespr's WebLog

    Outted By MrsMEDC! and some thoughts about media formats

    If you're following the comments in your blog you'll notice that my wife (posting under the guise of MrsMEDC) drew attention to my deliberately vague use of the term MP3 Player. As ever she keeps me honest ;-) Well, there's no hiding the fact that...
  • Just Coding

    NLog: New .Net log engine

    You know I've been working with logs for some time.. today I've found a new log API that looks exactly what...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Batman Begins

    Wow. Overall, the reviews for Batman Begins have been good, but not out-of-this-world. Nevertheless, the trailer had me excited about this movie, and my wife and I went to see it tonight. I don't want to build up too many expectations, but I loved this...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    More on C# 2.0, SpecSharp, and C-Omega from Anders

    I really enjoyed Eamon O'Tuathail's presentation last Wednesday on the future of C#, which included glimpses of C-Omega and SpecSharp, two Microsoft Research language projects. C-Omega is a strongly typed, data oriented programming language that bridges...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    David Ornstein talks about FlexWiki - and wall-sized screens

    Scoble has posted a fascinating Channel 9 video interview with David Ornstein . David describes what makes wikis work, how his own FlexWiki advances the state of the art, and speculates about what type of people like wikis. His PC display setup is...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Don't click here

    DONTCLICK.IT is an imaginary interactive research institute - a Flash site created by Alex Frank who's working on a diploma in Communication Design at the University of Essen-Duisburg in Germany ( via Usability in the News ). The site is an exploration...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Autorun installation

    My first post on this blog was about deploying application and I touched briefly on autorun.exe. I have been asked several times to expand on this and go into the details so here it is! Windows Mobile supports a simple, automated way of installing...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    The Great British Venn Diagram

    I was asked the other day what the difference is between the United Kingdom and Great Britain. Sam provides the clearest explanation I've found so far. ( Via groovy mother )
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    What's going on at the Tech Tour?

    The Register tells us the Tech Tour is so famous and attracts so many attendees, that MS/AMD ran out of cheap motherboads they lured attendees with. Come on, what did you expect after we made so much noise about the importance of 64-bit ... "Due...
  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    Design view dude going away lunch

    Today we had going away lunch with Ben (aka Design view dude ). What is that 'going away lunch' thing? It is a good Microsoft tradition to buy a lunch for the entire team when someone leaves. Have a lunch together, listen to war stories, say goodbuy...
  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    to CTP or not to CTP

    We just recently released the June 2005 Community Tech Preview (CTP) for VSTS. It’s been an interesting process because this is the first CTP for VSTS where we simply picked up one of our daily builds, made sure it passed some build verification tests...
  • Jeremy on stuff

    For, Part 1

    Continuing from last time . The usage for the basic for loop looks like: FOR %variable IN (set) DO command [command-parameters] %variable Specifies a single letter replaceable parameter. (set) Specifies a set of one or more files. Wildcards may...
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