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  • Stephen Kaufman's WebLog

    BizTalk MSMQ Adapter and the MsmqAdapterProperties.dll

    I have been working on an application which needs to send a message to a queue in which the queue location was contained in the incoming XML Message. This was simple as you can just set the send port binding to Dynamic and provide the address through...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Want to Talk to Me?

    Martin Sevior wonders how one talks to me . Well, you come over to my blog, and you leave a comment. I'd have answered Martin's question by leaving a comment there, but his blog doesn't have comments turned on.   Rick Currently playing in iTunes: Whipping...
  • nikop's WebLog

    Error "not enough space to extract this package" seen when trying to install the SQL2005 download packages

    There is a possiblility that after you've downloaded the SQL 2005 installation package to your local machine, during extraction of the files to your local drive you will get an error that looks like the following screenshot below. If you get this, it...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    今天看到了别人推荐的一篇文章: It’s Not Dangerous 人家其实是讲了写 blog 对你职业生涯的几点好处。说实话,觉得这个作者想得很远。他讲的 10 点理由中,让我觉得有些共鸣的,也就是拿 oliverlu 去 Google 一下,看到这个站点列在第一位,满足一下小小的虚荣心而已。可是,那也毕竟只是我的英文名字。 其实当时创建这个 Blog 站点也是一时兴趣...
  • simon.says

    "Getting Things Done" (a.k.a. a DVR for Life!)

    As Harry mentioned , about a month ago our group was fortunate to attend a presentation by David Allen , the author and creator of "Getting Things Done" . I was a little skeptical as I consider myself not too bad in the "getting things done" area - and...
  • Omar Shahine

    Vonage ClickToCall API

    This is pretty neat. I wish Vonage had a web API, but they do not. However, they do have a HTTP GET and POST based API for initiating a phone call from your Vonage phone. Simply create a custom URL for your account:
  • Engine Watch

    Q & A: what to do with third party tables in master db

    Q: > "Niles" < > wrote in message > ... >>A couple of vendor installations of systems installed additional tables >> within the master database...
  • notes and rants

    Now Tasting…

    I think everyone has seen blog postings that have a little “what am I listening to?” p.s. statement.  Although I’m sure someone somewhere would be interested in my love of gangster folk, I thought it would be more interesting to tell you what I’m drinking...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Get a good laugh on how people viewed blogging three years ago

    I'm posting this again as for some reason my last two posts dissappeared from Anyway, I found this article posted to a Internal Microsoft disribution list and got a good laugh out of it. It shows how much viewpoints on blogging has changed...
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    Link to the XSD Object Generator download site

    For all who attended my Web Services Competency Workshop in Madrid : Here’s a link to the XSDObjectGen.exe tool.
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    MSDN Webcasts in China

    Check out what the MDSN Webcasts team in China is up to. It was offically launched in August 2004 by Microsoft - China. Hats off to Christina Yue Wang for driving this program.
  • notes and rants

    Don’t Live With Broken Windows

    Pragmatic programming says “Don’t Live with Broken Windows”.  The hopefully non-copyright infringement summary of this idea is that if a broken window in a building is left un-repaired for too long of a time, that it leads toward more breakdowns in the...
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