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  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Sandbox3D v. -- Trackball support

    I just posted a new version of Sandbox3D . I a dded trackball support for the rotation values, so that you can hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse around to rotate the mesh. What is cool is that I wired up the IPropertyChange interface...
  • Eric Jarvi

    barriers to agile adoption

    • 2 Comments pointed me to an interesting paper from Jim Highsmith on barriers to agile adoption as perceived at the CIO/CTO level: "At the recent Agile Development Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, one presentation included a series of objections...
  • greggm's WebLog

    Job openings on the Visual Studio Debugger Dev Team

    I have been a developer for the Visual Studio debugger for five and a half years now. We currently have two open positions, so I decided to post an advertisement. If you think being a developer on the Visual Studio debugger would be a cool job, send...
  • Srinath Vasireddy

    Develop Managed Outlook Add-ins with VSTO 2005

    After several weeks of hard work, at TechEd we announced our latest work – Yes, you can now easily develop managed outlook add-ins with VSTO 2005. Read the following articles to get an overview Introduction In depth architecture article...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Avoid Deadlocks in your Script Host when Tearing down JScript

    Avoid deadlocks when tearing down JScript in your script host by calling into the IActiveScriptGarbageCollector implementation....
  • adamga's WebLog

    LDD Module 3: Windows Forms...

    OK, so I'm finally back. I've been spending a huge amount of time getting ready for our MSDN Spring Tour, Fastrack Introduction to Visual Studio 2005 . We've been able to deliver the content for this once so far, in Ottawa. WinForms 2.0 (beta 2) and Visual...
  • Doc Holladay

    TechED 2005: Day 1 - A different kind of coverage

    Today I start coverage of TechEd 2005 in Orlando, FL. I'm going to be looking for an interesting way to cover the event so that these post don't get lost in the plethora of posts (pOp) on TechEd. Hmmm... What would be the most interesting, original and...
  • Paul Stubbs

    Announcing VSTO 2005 for Outlook 2003

    Today during Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech he announced VSTO for Outlook. Now in addition to Word and Excel, you can create Outlook add-ins using VSTO 2005 for Office 2003. VSTO will create managed add-ins for Outlook that will appear to Outlook as a...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    ICorDebug is coming to MSDN…

    Today, ICorDebug is not documented on MSDN, even though it’s a public API. Your best bet is a few random MSDN articles and some other scattered resources I list here . In fact, search MSDN (as of Jun 6, '05) for “ICorDebugILFrame” and it comes up empty...
  • Marty Wasznicky - The "Event Driven Business"

    BizTalk 2004 "Commando" Training course in Santa Monica, CA

    Hi Everyone.......well...this is a first! I never thought I'd actually post something to my own Blog. I think I set this up 6 months ago or so, but after seeing all the wonderful content already being posted to blogs, I thought to myself, what could I...
  • TabBlogger

    TechEd05: Day 0

    The flight down for me was great - plane was full, plenty of attendees chattering about the event. Buzz is good. The family though, wasn't as happy. My daughter was not happy with flying, and cried much of the trip (SEA (Seattle) -> IAD (Dulles...
  • TabBlogger

    ...and then there was Dell

    • 0 Comments There you go, all you corporate buyers who couldn't buy anything that wasn't from IBM. :) Hehe, sure it's Lenovo now, but really, Lenovo was making much of the Thinkpad line even...
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