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  • Mark Bower

    Tesla: Desktop Tagging and Collaboration

    Korby Parnell writes that videos of the presentations from the 2nd annual Microsoft Social Computing Symposium are online. One that caught my eye is a session from Microsoft Research: "Tesla and Tagging for the desktop". This is a take on the / Flickr social bookmarking and tagging concept brought to the dekstop....
  • Cyrus' Blather

    SF/JavaOne, Day 4, The Future of the Java Programming Language

    Just got out of a fascinating talk with Mark Rheinhold and Gilad Bracha about future enhancements they see in the Java Programming Language. The talk started out with a very interesting discussion about the philiosophy of language design and how the...
  • James Manning's blog

    What things do you most miss from the BCL?

    The BCL (still) not including a Set<T> class is among my highest pet peeves - it's a constant top 10 on product feedback . That Java's had it since Dec 1998 when Playground shipped with the Collections framework just makes things worse, arguably...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    SF/JavaOne, Day 4, Smart User Interfaces

    Unfortunately, this is just a gripe and not an actual talk about something going on at JavaOne right now. When you pull up the JavaOne Session Catalog , ask for all the sessions in a single day, and then you sort by time, you get a list of sessions...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Scripting Type Library Constant Injection Performance Characteristics, Part Two

    Script developers can declare constants, variables, functions and classes at global scope by writing the appropriate lines of code. Script hosts (Internet Explorer, ASP, WSH, etc) however can only add objects to the script engine’s global scope. For practical...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    IT Showtime est en ligne !!! Les vidéos HQ des meilleurs speakers de Microsoft

    Enfin en vidéo haute qualité (et avec sous titres en Français ) , les sessions des speakers vedettes anglophones de Microsoft : Steve Riley, Jesper M Johanson, John Craddock… Leurs prestations lors du dernier IT Forum de Copenhague sont téléchargeables...
  • One Louder

    Softball outcome

    I never gave an update on the outcome of our softball game with MSN. I wanted to share know, pictures of HR folks wearing athletic clothes and getting rained on...and I was procrastinating because of the outcome. Well, I have to admit that...
  • Test Guide

    Who Ya Gonna Call?

    Once you create your Logical Functional Model the other pieces can follow in any order immediately as chunks of your feature and LFM are defined. I'll follow the most typical pattern here, which brings us to Execution Behaviors. When you first define...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    What's wrong with this code, part lucky 13

    Today's example is a smidge long, I've stripped out everything I can possibly imagine stripping out to reduce size. This is a very real world example that we recently hit - only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I've used the...
  • Antimail

    Ars Technica: 2005 buyer's guide is out!

    • 2 Comments What is interesting is that the budget box solution is now based on AMD64 939 and PCI-Express. Hmmm... maybe it's just me, but I would prefer a more conservative solution based on the omnipresent...
  • Antimail

    Nanoholes: more capacity for harddisks

    The quest for more storage density continues... Fujitsu researches suceeded to develop a similar technology that would increase harddisks capacity to around 1 Tb per square inch. This seems to be similar with a previous research project on which I blogged...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    Work anniversaries and bad beginnings

    Yesterday was my 6-year anniversary at Microsoft, so I guess I was at the same orientation as Heather ! Jay and others have mentioned the Microsoft tradition of celebrating our “anniversaries” by bringing in a pound of candy for each year we’ve been...
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