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    PowerShell pour la haute disponibilité

    Qu’apporte Windows PowerShell par rapport à VB Script ? Est-il facile à adopter ? Comment ce nouveau langage simplifie-t-il l’administration système ? Comment se traduit la haute disponibilité sous Windows Server 2008 ? Pour répondre à ces questions,...

    Finances : Référence SOA

    La nouvelle génération de la SOA Microsoft reposant sur la fondation unifiée orientée messages - Windows Communication Foundation - est disponible depuis Novembre 2006. Les analystes la positionnent d'ores et déjà comme une technologie visionnaire et...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Danmark - Partner

    Support på Microsoft Dynamics C5

    Pt er det ikke muligt at åbne tekniske support sager via PartnerSource på Dynamics C5. Der bliver arbejdet på problemet og vi regner med, at det snart er løst, så vi kan komme tilbage til normal arbejdsgang. I mellemtiden...
  • 雲のごとく

    Entitiy Framework 6.0.2 RTM Available

    2ヵ月前にEF 6.0 をリリースしたばかりですが、バグ修正とパフォーマンス改善を行った EF 6.0.2 がリリースされました。   EF6.0.2 の取得方法 ランタイム NuGet 経由で取得してください。コードファーストだけをお使いであれば、ランタイムだけでOK、ツールは不要です。 インストール方法は こちら 。   ツール Visual Studio 2012/2013 は ダウンロードセンター から入手できます。 モデルファースト/データベースファーストで開発する場合には...
  • Michael Pedersen's Blog

    Team Foundation Build vNext (2015)

    You can get some great insight into what is happening with build in TFS vNext here:
  • bob's blog

    Student Developers get their App On

    Check out what the students at Georgia Tech and University of South Florida have been up to as they learn to develop WP7 phone apps. Technorati Tags: Windows Phone , WP7 , Silverlight , XNA , Hackathon
  • The Brain Dump

    Keeping the crickets at bay

    Earlier this year I swore to myself that I was going to make more regular blog entries about the Windows Live Platform stuff that I was working with. Then I got heavily involved with the Live Framework team and so couldn’t write anything about that until...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Getting DevReady with MVVM

    MVVM. MVVM. MVVM. I bet you’ve seen that acronym more than three times before? Ever wonder what it means? I’ll tell you: “Model View-View Model” Ever wonder what THAT means?! MVVM is a popular design pattern for coding the presentation layer in both Silverlight...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Web Camp Coming to Mid Atlantic

    It's camping season! Microsoft's Web Camps are designed to help you create great websites using the Microsoft Web Platform. Whether you're new to web development or already a web developer and looking to see what's new, join us for this free, full day...
  • nullinterface

    Introduction to DQS and MDS

    Recently I delivered the Business Intelligence Practice Accelerator for our esteemed partners. During the sessions I realized there was a dearth of information around DQS and LDS which is subsequently leading to diminished usage of the tools. Thats when...
  • Terry Zink: Security Talk

    How did we all get to be where we are today? The story of guns, germs and steel – Part 2

    In my previous post, I explained that the reason that Europeans conquered the rest of the world, and not vice versa, is because they were able to generate food surpluses. With this food surplus, they could support classes of people not dedicated...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Windows Azure and Office 365 Price Reduction

    It seems nowadays that nothing ever goes down but rather quite the opposite. So when I learned that not only Windows Azure pricing was reduced but also Office 365 I just had to spread the good news. That said, Microsoft has halved the price of its entry...
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