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  • Tim Sneath

    The Metro Team Starts Blogging

    Metro is the codename for the Open Packaging Conventions (a ZIP-based container convention for file format packaging) and the XML Paper Specification (a fixed format document specification based on XAML). Feng Yuan, one of the technical leads in the team...
  • Dieter's ProjBlog

    Project Server Interface +

    With P12, we wanted to dramatically improve the extensibility of Project Server. We have found that a bit over 50% of our Project 2002/2003 customers customize Project Server. This can range from integrating with LOB or G/L systems to tightly integrating...
  • Ankur

    How to stop threads on threadpool when my windows service is being stopped?

    I came accross a mail thread which deals with the problem i was facing some time back. Sharing it to you all. Problem: I have written a windows service in .Net that uses the ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem() call to do some processing. Each work item...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    FREE Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005 First Look

    FREE Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio 2005 First Look Microsoft Corporation 201 Jones Rd. , Sixth Floor Waltham MA Register Now Attend Boston University Corporate Education Center ’s (BUCEC) FREE first look seminar on Microsoft...
  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    PDC05 - I finally meet Raymond Chen

    Last night was the "Ask the experts" event. A huge buffet dinner for everyone, with several dozen large tables where the "experts" (meaning us MS folk) were grouped together by specialty areas. The attendees could wander between the tables, findings...
  • Sriram Krishnan

    Linq underneath the covers

    I had known about the LINQ project for some time now but I hadn't really realized the true power that LINQ brings to .Net until I watched the PDC keynote where Anders and Don and the rest took a lap around LINQ and all the other cool new shiny stuff....
  • Diane's web-log

    PDC05 Day 3

    Day three was yet another info packed day. I ended up missing most of the general session taking care of some email, updating my blog and chasing down some stuff for my kids, who for some reason did not want to leave me alone yesterday. For some reason...
  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    Questions asked during the PDC talk on developing P2P applications

    Q. Is there a concept of an owner/administrator of a mesh? A. Yes, you can have roles in a mesh. Q. Is there a way to kick someone out of a mesh? A: Currently, the only way to kick someone out of a mesh is to create another mesh without this member...
  • Chris Rathjen

    I just say..."SHIP IT!"

    Team Foundation Server Beta3 is almost here. We're finishing up the Beta3 testpass, making those painful decisions about what's important enough to fix in Beta3 and what has to wait for RTM, making sure those last few nasty Beta3 bugs that were resolved...
  • SpeechLead

    Ask the Expert Session - it was great talking to our customers!

    After a somewhat lengthy tech check last night (telephony demos always take a bit more time to setup with the A/V folks) we finally made it to the BAR (Big A.. Room) for the 'Ask the Experts' session. There were quite a few folks already waiting for us...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    BizTalk Server Futures: BizTalk Server Solution Designer

    We had a bunch of fun recording this video for channel 9 on the BizTalk Server Solution Designer which is coming after BizTalk Server 2006 and was shown to folks at PDC along with a demo of Windows Workflow Foundation in an ASP.NET web-site talking to...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Command Line Compile or IDE Compile?

    There are times when I have wondered if we would not be better off going back to punch cards. Really I am somewhat serious. Back in the day I remember people really paying a lot of attention to their programs before they passed them to the computer. After...
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