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  • Rob's blog on media and devices

    Hosting Webcast Series: PHP on Windows

    I delivered a webcast on April 23rd covering Windows Server 2008 and PHP that includes a step-by-step demonstration on configuring and testing PHP on Windows Server 2008 as well as integrating PHP with .NET services in IIS 7.  Here is the event overview...
  • IKT-bloggen

    Kan vi träffas i det Digitala klassrummet?

    Medan våren funderar på om den ska ta sats och blomma ut eller vänta ytterligare några dagar, planerar vi på Microsoft en serie seminarier vi kallat Det Digitala Klassrummet . Tillsammans med HP vill vi träffa alla er...
  • MidMarket Events

    Silverlight 2 is Now Available!

    This week we announced the availability of Silverlight 2, the industry's most comprehensive technology for creating and delivering .NET-based rich Web experiences. Many are already taking advantage of Silverlight's benefits to deliver truly amazing and...
  • Wei Out There with System Center

    OpsMgr: Key Features of the OM12 Sizing Helper App

    The OM12 Sizing Helper is a Windows Phone App version of the OpsMgr 2012 Sizing Helper tool – an interactive document which is designed to assist customers with planning and sizing deployments of System Center 2012 Operations Manager.    Here...
  • Australian Teachers Blog

    Creative Collaboration in OneNote – Rewrite the Story!


    Find out how OneNote helps to unleash students creative writing talents and make it a less daunting task!

  • Microsoft Azure Japan Team Blog (ブログ)

    AIB ファイルを Azure Media Indexer および SQL Server で使用する

    このポストは、11 月 3 日に投稿された Using AIB Files with Azure Media Indexer and SQL Server の翻訳です。 はじめに Azure Media Indexer は強力なメディア プロセッサで、マルチメディア ファイルから意味のあるメタデータを抽出します。 前回の記事 では、このプロセッサの基本的な使用方法、および出力ファイル (主に XML ベースのファイル) の概要について説明しました。 今回は、インデックス作成ジョブで作成される...
  • o-LIVE-r

    MSDN TV 06/2011

    Unter dem Motto "born2share" fand am 14. und 15. Mai in der Microsoft-Zentrale in Unterschleißheim das " ShareCamp 2011 " statt. Rund 140 Teilnehmer kamen in diesem Jahr zu der von der SharePoint-Community organisierten kostenlosen...
  • Project Firenze

    Redmond Reflections

    Looking back at my first year experience at Tuck, the Microsoft Case Competition was without a doubt one of the highlights of the year. Unlike a neatly packaged case, meant to be solved in a couple of days, we were presented with a “live” business problem...
  • Josh Holmes

    Definition of a Mashup

      Since Larry Clarkin and I wrote the Enterprise Mashups article in the Architecture Journal , I've been getting a ton of questions about mashups and what they are. To that end, I thought I'd put my neck out and lay down a public definition. More...
  • User Ed - The blog of Ed Price, Customer Program Manager

    30 Days of... What?

    30 Days? Yes, 30 days. My eventual goal is to keep up with 3 posts a week on my current topic for 10 weeks. If I want to post something that isn't my current topic, I can, but it doesn't count toward my three posts a week (so I'd post it on one of...
  • User Ed - The blog of Ed Price, Customer Program Manager

    All About Help

    When software was first being developed in the 80s, user assistance was born! It often included all kinds of assistance, including text written in the UI. It led to Help files, where were available in the software and installed onto the computer...
  • Japan Dynamics CRM Team Blog

    Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 : ナビゲーションの新機能

    みなさん、こんにちは。 今回は Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 で大幅に強化された ナビゲーションについて紹介します。 進化したサイトマップ 今回のリリースでは、大項目/中項目/小項目が一度に確認できます。 また大項目の選択を省略することも可能です。実際に確認してみます。 1. ブラウザで Microsoft Dynamics CRM に接続します。 2. ナビゲーションの をクリックします。大項目が表示されます。 3. 任意の項目を選択します...
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