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  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    In control of software architecture and design assets

    Here is this post on an eXtreme Programming discussion group: Project: 1, Integration Machine: 0 that shows some signs of a team truly in control of their software design.
  • The Old New Thing

    There's an awful lot of overclocking out there

    and it makes Windows look bad....
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    Great time ahead

    I’ve just came back from my skiing holidays in Zermatt . It was great fun! The weather and snow conditions were superb… However, I’m back @ work and look forward to the following events: 2 nd German Archtitects Forum , 14. April 2005 , Wuppertal...
  • Stephen Toub

    May 2005 MSDN Magazine now online!

    The May 2005 issue of MSDN Magazine is now available online at . The May installment of my favorite column, .NET Matters , is available at ...
  • simon.says

    Kirill is Blogging!

    Kirill is blogging. Here he shares some great information on WS-Security interop between WSE 2.0 SP3 and IBM WebSphere 6.0...
  • simon.says

    Web Services Interoperability Deck (Localized)

    I have a localized version (Japanese) of the Web Services Interoperability deck that I'll be using at the Japan SAF, which I've uploaded to my blog - you can find it here .
  • simon.says

    Japan Strategic Architect Forum 2005

    I am in Odawara, Japan this week at the Microsoft Japan Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) 2005. Odawara is about an hour west of Tokyo - on the coastline and just south of Mt Fuji. We arrived yesterday, and I've the opportunity to take a few days vacation...
  • Il blog di Giulio Vian

    Quick-list for testing and demoing on a real device

    In the last days I set up a demo app running on a SmartPhone / PocketPC. I needed to wake-up an app on the SP by sending an SMS. This is well described in
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Registration Free COM Articles

    Steve has got some great articles on Registration Free COM, definately worth a read. This techique is particulary useful for scenarios where you want to run different (incompatible) versions of the same COM component on one machine (which wasn't possible...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Western Digital Understands Warranties

    I have a hard drive which seems to be going bad on me. It's a Western Digital SATA drive. So far, no data loss but the drive has a tendency to disappear after my computer has been on for a long time. It also tends to start making a clicking noise during...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Windows Server 2003 - COM+ 1.5

    COM+ 1.5 forms an integral part of Windows Server 2003 and has been much improved over the version that shipped with Windows 2000 Server. Features designed to increase the abilities (scalability, availability and manageability) of COM+ applications have...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Windows Server 2003 - IIS 6.0

    IIS 6.0 is a ground up rewrite of the previous incarnation of IIS, version 5.0. IIS has been redesigned to improve aspects of all the main feature areas: reliability, availability, manageability, scalability and performance. Fault-tolerant process...
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