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  • Michael Creasy's blog

    Giving the PC the finger

    Biometrics just seem cool to me. I’ve watched far too many films where access to a computer or a room was controlled with some sort of biometric access control, from retina scanners to palm readers it all just looks cool. Well now my humble home PC has...
  • James Murfin's Blog

    Hosting Break-out at the Microsoft Partner Programme day yesterday

    Alison Whitehead, Marketing Manager at MS UK, and I were very pleased to present to a small group of Partners at our event yesterday - the purpose really to put Hosting on the agenda and give a glimpse of how we are providing Solutions, Programs, Licensing...
  • Tom Miller's Blog

    A cornucopia of topics!

    It's been a while since I've written anything here, but a few other posts today have gotten me to change that now. First David Weller tries answering the question "Does Managed DirectX discriminate against VB.NET Developers".. Since he put me on the spot...
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    The Redmond PM

    Henry Longfellow inspired me to write a whole poem on Microsoft PM, borrowing from his lovely composition. The Village Blacksmith . Disclaimer - this is purely for creative purposes and no money is being made. So here it is - In the evergreen state of...
  • James Murfin's Blog

    UK Hosting Technical Seminar - midday report

    Over 100 Partners registered for today's Hosting Technical Seminar at the Microsoft Campus in Reading - a resounding confirmation of the growing popluarity of Hosted services and manged/outsourced offerings in the UK. I kicked the day off by presenting...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Always looking for great software engineers for the US

    Yesterday Scoble blogged about the need for developers in the US. His blog gets far more readership then ours, so I won't begrudge him the fact that we have posted many times here on the Microsoft Jobs Blog about our need to hire talented developers....
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    Best part about being a PM @ Microsoft

    Program management is the most talked and the least understood position in Microsoft from an outsiders perspective. A number of blogs about PMs talk about this art (and science) and they make a fascinating reading Joel on Software , KC Lemson , Vernal...
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    Secrets of Success Part Two - WHY

    If you followed me till now through the seemingly nonsense journey of how and what, well you are in for a surprise. Today I answer the question that has troubled generations of men. And if you wish to know my qualifications for making these esoteric statements...
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    Secrets of Success Part 1 - WHAT

    WHAT is something everyone worries about. Everyday we wake up wondering what to do today. A trip to the supermarket is a treasure cove for what. Which shaving cream to buy, what about the new 2% fat milk, what is more cheaper, etc. The more choices we...
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    My Venture in the Land of Thoughts

    Words have always eluded me (well, except Microsoft Word). Never thought I'd embark on a journey which had to deal with lot of words (and even more important was to coherently link them together to form meaningful statements that depicted somewhat accurately...
  • Jason Zander's blog

    New 64-bit material available on MSDN

    This new site covers common 64-bit questions about the .NET FX and gives examples. I'm often asked a few FAQ's, so let me answer them right here: Version 2.0 (Whidbey) is the first version to support 64-bit. Versions 1.1 (SP1) will run only as 32-bit...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ASP.NET Site of the Day - ninemsn home page

    I haven't been posting my ASP.NET Site of the Day for a while. Here's a new one. It's the big kahuna of Australian site - the ninemsn home page . The new look homepage has been launched today, and it's running ASP.NET - they are on IIS6 and Version 1...
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