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  • Matt Powell might want to grab a kleenex...

    I was out sick yesterday with something my daughters gave me. I woke up this morning feeling much better (fever symptoms all gone) but I still had a bit of a runny nose. But this morning I had a dentist appointment to fix some fillings that I managed...
  • Matt Powell

    Mark Fussell on Binary XML

    Mark Fussell, currently working on WSE, let's loose on the W3C work on binary XML . Mark makes some good points. A few points of mine: I realize that you could trivially come up with a binary format that could replace XML, but then you need to get everyone...
  • Sampy's Blog

    What is Monday?

    I made mention on Channel9 that I'll have more free time come Monday ( ). This lead some to think that Beta 2 would be done and I could move on to RTM. Ha! I wish. When you get closer and closer...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System

    Video Tutorial: How to Bind Data to Controls on an Excel Worksheet

    This demonstration shows you how to use the Data Sources Window in Visual Studio to add data-bound controls to an Excel worksheet. The demo is six minutes long and can be viewed at Demo 9 -- How to Bind Data to Controls on an Excel Worksheet . Note that...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Shelving primer

    Buck posted a howto on shelving from the command line . For those of you out there with the December CTP, you have a chance to get an early look at how one of my favorite features in Team Foundation Version Control. It's also one of the areas I'm responsible...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    MCF Format Release Has Been Delayed

    Due to the fact that my professor hasn't questioned the .mcf file format yet, I have not released its spec. He has asked another professor in the department about the format but this professor did not budge even though he knows all the details. --Eric...
  • Buck Hodges

    How to use shelving from the command line

    Shelving is a really useful feature that was included for the first time with the Dec. CTP. Shelving allows you to save your changes to a shelveset on the server. The shelveset consists of the same kind of information that a checkin does, except that...
  • Brad Abrams

    Its an honor just to be nominated :-)

    Check out .NET Developer's Journal Interactive 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Voting Ballot ,,, Lots of great books in the list, I am honored to have the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1 on the list… Also, notice, they have categories...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Software Dinner

    I went to the Joel on Software dinner last night at Crossroads mall. At least, I think it was for Joel, though it was hard to get close enough to be sure given the mass of people around him. If you were there to listen to Joel, you might have been disappointed...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Comment spam - it's going to get a little better

    News that Google, MSN and Yahoo unite to battle comment spam is most welcome .
  • António Ribeiro's WebLog

    Creating HTML markup using HTML Controls object model

    Although ASP.NET provides a great object model for handling Web Controls and HTML Controls, I often see code that creates HTML markup directly, by manipulating strings. An example: private string GetSomeHtml() { string html = "<A HREF=\" http:/...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    The latest Student Flash e-newsletter is out

    Check it out here . This is issue #3 - we've been going monthly up until this issue, and now are ramping up to every two weeks. If you prefer everything wrapped up in one good-looking email rather than a blog, you've got a choice! -Kevin (Microsoft)
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