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  • Andrew Coates ::: MSFT

    New MSDN Article - Configuring ClickOnce Trusted Publishers

    One of the neat things ClickOnce allows you to do is deploy a ticket with the app that gives it more CAS permissions that would otherwise be the case based on the source of the download. This article gives a bunch of info about how to actually do it....
  • Roberdan

    Solution Showcase for the Microsoft Office System

    Solution Showcase for the Microsoft Office System The Solution Showcase highlights how leading companies are solving critical business problems using solutions built with the Microsoft Office System. These solutions are a small sample of the many ways...
  • Michiel Wories' WebLog

    SQL Server: Tuning your SMO Application for great performance -- PART 2

    In the previous post I provided you with a fundamental tool to minimize the amount of SQL statements emitted and therefore limit expensive network round-trips (and SQL statements) using the Server.SetDefaultInitFields() method. In this post I will provide...
  • aWorkBlogByGus

    Rusty posts about MSDN Feedback

    Rusty , my manager, seems to have started blogging again and I'd missed it so far. He's got some interesting posts so far. Here's a link to his latest on how it's going with the MSDN Feedback site and how the community bug reports and suggestions compare...
  • Dev Notes

    Dude ! You missed a great event :-)

    Yes, If you are not an MVP or Not an APAC (Asia Pacific) Region MVP, you missed one of the greatest MVP gathering events till now. I can see that satisfaction and glow in every MVP face out there :-) A big applause goes to Cally Ko (Regional Director...
  • mszCool's thoughts and cents revealed

    Smart Document Framework for .NET 1.x and Visual Studio 2003

    This week I have published my Smart Document Framework (download here ) as User Sample on . I have created this framework for a customer to simplify development of Smart Docs with VS 2003 and VSTO 2003. Okay, it's shortly before Visual...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Final day of WinHEC and…fun with X64 and “Old” Software

    Chris Muench repots on the last day of WinHEC – the report is somewhat delayed, for good reason! It is Sunday and about 3 days after the final day of WinHEC. You might wonder why my report shows up that late. Well, let me explain: I have this very...
  • Don Smith

    Dynamic portTypes and Grid Computing?

    I was onsite with a customer the other day discussing the architecture of one of their future applications. I was only there for the day, so we obviously couldn't go into too much depth. They just wanted a sanity check to make sure they weren't going...
  • David Dehghan's blog

    My first SMS messages in China

    One sad thing is that here in Beijing I can’t find any Windows Mobile smartphone. Nokia and Samsung are everywhere ;-( I got a China Mobile SIM card and unfortunately I see some ‘••••••’ on the home page of my phone. I also received some SMS messages...
  • David Dehghan's blog

    Effects of high oil prices on global economy

    This months issue of The Economist has a special report on crud oil prices. I have been reading it veraciously in the past few hours in the plane to Tokyo. Back in 1998 crude oil prices declined to near all time low of $10 per barrel. Since then the...
  • David Dehghan's blog

    Finally, it is vacation time

    I have not gone anywhere special on vacation for a long time so I finally decided to stop by China for a personal trip before I head out to India to meet my team at Microsoft India Development center. I am flying from Seattle to Tokyo to Hong Kong...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Blogging from Seoul

    I'm currently in Seoul, South Korea assisting with the first 64-way, 64-bit deployment of SQL Server in the world. The 14 and 1/2 hour flight has left me extremely jet-lagged -- I didn't sleep a wink on the flight. I got here last evening, went to bed...
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