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  • dwinter's [MSFT] WebLog

    WSS / SharePoint Portal OM topic requests?

    I've got a slew of topics that I've already got brewing in my head for the next two weeks... This comming week I'll be talking about the SharePoint Portal OM via code samples and work into it in a similar fashion to how I introduced the WSS OM already...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Alpha Centauri under Virtual PC

    Around the same time that 'Civilization - Call to Power' was being released by Activision, Sid Meier's new company "Firaxis" released "Alpha Centauri". This game is a truly masterful and addictive strategy game. Picking up where the original Civilization...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    This name has taken its toll on me...

    So, whats in a name, you say? Well, a lot... I respectfully disagree this notion about the fact that a name doesn't really stand for anything or that, a name's just a name, and all the other cliches that people with bad names have come up with. For the...
  • Antimail

    Tricks around the "copy" command...

    The copy command can be very useful for quick operations. However, there are a number of tricks that are not widely known. 1) Copying the contents of a source directory into the current directory: just specify the source directory! y:\privates>copy...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    I have been xmlcoverpaged!!!

    In an article about the new release of WS-ReliableMessaging on, hosted by OASIS, among the references there's a post of mine ! And immediatly after the WS-RM specs page , so rank is not even that bad... Yeppa! :-)
  • BCL Team Blog

    A list of CLR bloggers [Kit George]

    Shawn Farkas has made a list of various bloggers from the CLR, so you can know who the best personis to follow for various issues. The list is available here
  • Paul Fallon's WebLog

    Blog moved....

    My Blog is now at
  • Ron Jacobs

    Podcasts here we come!

    There are some things that are just plain old fun... Take webcasts for example. I have had a ball doing the patterns & practices live webcasts every Thursday. So much fun in fact that I have now become the regular host for the show. Yes...I said show...
  • Soaked in CIDER !

    What is Control.SelectNextControl(...)?

    Today I recieved a question on Winforms discussion list about SelectNextControl function on control and I thought it might be worth sharing some thoughts on this topic. The name "SelectNextControl" suggests that this function would select the next control...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Research in Software Development

    We are nearing the home stretch for Visual Studio 2005. While I am very excited about the potential impact of this release, I am equally if not more excited about the research we have underway in the Microsoft Research labs, particularly around software...
  • Brad Abrams

    Offline content for Designing .NET Class Libraries Series

    By popular demand we have started getting * offline * versions of the Designing .NET Class Library Series posted. Special thanks for Frank for kicking the extra funding and effort to get this done! Download these today! Setting the Stage Naming Conventions...
  • Adam Singer

    Welcome to the Hotel Team Foundation

    So, this has been awhile coming. Let's blame that on the combination of 2 zillion screenshots and the lovely weather we've been having. You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave. Well, actually, you can only check in if the tree...
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