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  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    MSDN TV: Convoy Processing

    Eric gives you a quick tour through the convoy concepts with a couple of examples. Check it out here .
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    Interested in Z#?

    A. Wöß and H. Mössenböck from the University of Linz just published the following courseware: Compiler Construction - Concepts and Practical Application to .NET This course builds a complete compiler for the programming language Z# (= subset of C#) that...
  • Benjamin Wright-Jones

    SQL Server 2005 Extended Triggers

    Ok, I am impressed with everything in SQL Server 2005, especially extended triggers to capture DDL actions. I was playing around with these today and I can see how this will be a nice feature, especially for audit trails. I've included a simple script...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Dev Luv: Processing Text in Visio

    There are two ways to process the text in shape text. You can use Shape.Text, which returns a string that contains placeholders for fields. I would use Shape.Text if I just wanted to read or write a string that did not contain any fields. If you think...
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Microsoft Office 2003 Research Services and the RSDE

    The Research Services Development Extras are a gift that just keeps on giving. In writing an article for an up-coming issue of MSDN magazine I wanted to call attention to the RSDE. I think the Research Service task pane is one of several key reasons...


    With news of recent hacks, the subject of privacy is one that everyone should take some added interest in. JC Cannon has written what promises to be the reference work on the subject for developers and IT pros. Check it out here: Privacy: What Developers...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    Manish on Remoting

    If you care about remoting, you should check out Manish's blog. Manish is the developer implementing remoting in .Net. He is the definitive authority on remoting related issues.
  • Mackal Smith's North Central District ATS Blog

    Management Pack versions on MOM 2005?

    I ran into an interesting question from one of my consultants today. He asked me how to determine the version number of the Management Pack that was currently running on a MOM 2000 SP1 server. To be honest, I don't think there is a way to do this. I normally...
  • shawn's blog


    This will prob be the most talked about session at the devcon. Whit Kemmey, from the DOD, is explaining how missile targeting systems are using XML. Really cool pictures of submarines. Whit designs the attack software (fire control management). Stuff...
  • Okoboji: a lake, a mythical university, Kevin Moore's blog

    File sharing on XP

    I found a great walk-through on how to enable file sharing on Windows XP. Besides this article, there are a number of other great resources for Internet Connection Sharing, among others...
  • Roberdan


    Sarbanes-Oxley ne avete sentito parlare? qualche vostro cliente vi ha chiestoqualcosa a riguardo un'eventuale conformità di Office? nei corridoi qualcuno ha urlatoquesta parola, inpronunciabile, bestemmiando subito dopo? Se solo avete idea di cosa sia...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Show me some E&C!!

    There's been a lot of discussion on C# Edit and Continue, and I thought I would try and share some resources we've put on MSDN. Tool : You can try E&C yourself by using the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition October Community Tech Preview (CTP) - You...
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