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  • oliverlu's WebLog

    You can't delete a site that has subsites

    源于一个朋友的需求: WSS Site 是可以定期做备份的,如果用户不小心删掉了什么东东,我们可以恢复这个站点,重新获得这个东东。但接下来,有一点麻烦:如果这个站点有子站点,那么要再删除这个恢复的临时站点时,会报错: You can't delete a site that has subsites 一定要把所有的子站点,从最底层开始全部删除! 分析了一下,其实是这样的:如果这个 WSS 站点是一个顶级的站点,也就是我们一般看到的 http://servername/sites/sitename...
  • Roberdan

    Top 25 article of this blog - Aggregate View

    NASA Astronaut Votes from Space Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 7201 Insurance Forms Reference Implementation for Microsoft Office 2003 2881 An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications 2070 Technical Guidance for Connecting Microsoft®...
  • Roberdan

    Top 25 article of this blog - Web View

    NASA Astronaut Votes from Space Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 1048 RSS feeds for SharePoint content 858 Insurance Forms Reference Implementation for Microsoft Office 2003 844 SUS update WSS to sp1...but be carefull with sharepoint portal 841 Longhorn Concept...
  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    WinFX SDK--"Avalon" Community Tech Preview SDK for MSDN subscribers

    By now, MSDN subscribers know that there is an "Avalon" Community Tech Preview available. This includes the .NET 2.0 Beta 1 Framework and "Avalon" assemblies along with the WinFX SDK. Make sure to check it out if you are an MSDN subscriber. Unfortunately...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Design up-front vs. along-the-way

    I had a discussion at lunch yesterday about the right way to do design. Waaaaaay back when I was in school - when Van Halen's "Jump" was at the top of the charts - we were introduced to the Waterfall Model of software development. (aside - it Royce's...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    又到了 12 月份了,整理整理一年的事迹,又要迎接新的一年了。新的一年,总是给人种种憧憬,再怎么样,新的总比旧的好。 我们来看看,身边发生了些什么?今天的乱弹,转载 洪波 的两篇 Blog ,因为觉得有一点共鸣。 盛大控股 Actoz ,没意外 盛大 9170 万美元控股韩国网络游戏公司 Actoz ,几乎是对 1 年前很多人预言的兑现。在盛大与 Actoz 、 Wemade 这两家韩国游戏厂商闹得不可开交的时候,就有很多人预言,盛大上市后第一件事,就是把 Actoz 买下来。 盛大从 Actoz...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System

    Video Tutorial: How to Set the Stack Order of Controls on the Actions Pane

    This demonstration shows you how to add multiple actions pane controls to the actions pane. It also shows you how to control the stack order of the controls on the actions pane from a custom user control that is added to the document. This demo is just...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Programming contest at EggHeadCafe...

    EggHeadCafe is running a programming contest . The Swedish Chef is a character from the old Muppet Show that was broadcast in the 1970s. The Chef speaks his own language (an amalgam of Swedish, English, and who knows what else), and your task is to design...
  • Roberdan

    Meeting with Ed Daniel and Andrea Mills

    Here is theEd's report on our meeting . THX Ed, thx Andrea for your time: was great conversation with passion and great idea. See you soon ;)
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Try the penny sock market

    By now you've seen that spate of Rolex spam come and go; now apparently the new trend is about penny stocks. It's amazing to me how often spammers manage to perfectly nail some demographic that I don't partake in as a consumer (stranded in a foreign land...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Using the Internet as a big remote control.

    Have you ever been away from home, trapped in a meeting, stuck in traffic, or whatever and knew that you were going to miss this weeks episode of Cops, Enterprise or whatever – if you have a Media Center 2005 PC you can now schedule programs over...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    annyong haseyo - hello from Korea

    The airports in Japan and Korea are ridiculously far away from the city. I would just like to point that out because I spent around 3 hours in a car today going to and from airports. Bleh. What was even worse is that because of this, I had to wake up...
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