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  • Somasegar's blog

    Zero Bug Bounce

    I am excited to announce that as of 6pm, Nov 19, the Developer Division hit the ‘Zero Bug Bounce’ (ZBB) milestone for Beta2 of Visual Studio 2005 . This is one of the key milestones on the way to a major product milestone like a Beta or the final release...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Holiday light time...

    After hosting Thanksgiving at our cabin (and going up to Stevens Pass for fun, where there was a total of 3" of snow on the ground (9" now) - not quite enough to start skiing), we came back Saturday morning to put up our holiday lights. I wrote about...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Monday's Webcast: Creating Custom Controls for InfoPath SP-1

    Hello everyone, I hope you will join us tomorrow November 29 from 11am – 12:30pm PST for the next presentation in the InfoPath WebCast series: “Creating Custom Controls for InfoPath SP-1” which will be presented by Andrew Ma, a Software Test Engineer...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    My manager wants to know...

    ... how many people are reading my blog posts? My manager set up a simple tracking url so that we can measure how many developers are checking out my blog and finding out what I have to share (and occasionally rant about...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Remember CEF [Common Executable Format] ?

    I was merrily bashing away on a Compact Framework application for a demo this coming week when I had a flash-back to the Windows CE developers conference in the year 2000 – one of the advantages of the .NET Compact Framework is the portability of...
  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft

    Which Outlook organizer plug-in is best?

    I'm a pretty organized person by nature, but over the past few months the number of things on my plate ( work at MS , charity work , writing a book , new baby coming in early January) has really forced me to rethink my approach to organizing my information...
  • Paul Fallon's WebLog

    SQL Server 2005 Webcasts

    Starting from Monday the 6th of December these is going to be a series of 15 Webcasts on SQL Server 2005. For more details have a look at . Topics covered include: Overview of the new Developer features in SQL...
  • Paul Fallon's WebLog

    WS-I - Transaction Specs updated

    If you have a look at the Transaction Specification Index Page on MSDN, you will see that: WS-Coordination was updated in November 2004. WS-AtomicTransaction was updated in November 2004. WS-BusinessActivity was updated in November 2004. They are well...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    HP Bluetooth Headphones.

    Gizmodo have an overview of the HP Bluetooth headphones on their site, HP have these listed on their site here . I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago and one of the attendees walked into the room wearing a pair of these headphones – needless...
  • Rob Caron


    Datelens by Human-Computer Interaction Lab at U of MD Calendar applications for small handheld devices such as PDAs are growing in popularity. This led us to develop DateLens, a novel calendar interface that supports not only PDAs, but a range of devices...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Warthog - Peugeot Hoggar and Master Chief Armour.

    Are you interested in owning a Halo Warthog ? – take a look at the Peugot Hoggar concept car (link on the right). I’ve also been asked about the Master Chief armour that featured in one of my earlier blogs – I’ve found a site that...
  • Jeromy Carriere's WebLog

    Avalon ... must be out of the loop

    I guess I’m out of the loop. We’ve released a CTP of Avalon .
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