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  • Paul Cornell

    Do It Tomorrow: A Diagnostic Procedure

    I'm reading through the Do It Tomorrow book by Mark Forster ... From Chapter 12, "Completing the Day's Work"... My own rule is that if I have not caught up completely within three days at most, I will initiate a diagnostic procedure....there can...
  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Steve’s Newsletter – May 2011

    I receive a lot of email each week from you asking very specific, and valuable questions. It’s my hope that a newsletter like this will help me communicate important announcements, tips/tricks, and other items to help you and your team ultimately be more...
  • Ferglo

    Proyecto Web C# para Principiantes en CodePlex

    Nuestro buen amigo Javier Caceres nos comparte su nota técnica: Proyecto Web C# para Principiantes en CodePlex Debido a la gran aceptación del proyecto didáctico CRM y a los comentarios positivos recibidos en el post original...

    Domain Specific Languages intégrés au SDK de Visual Studio

    Le monde des DSL (Domain Specific Languages) est en pleine effervescence notamment depuis la sortie du SDK v3 de Visual Studio 2005 , qui intègre maintenant le DSL Toolkit et de nombreux exemples. Il est certain que les DSL vont dans le sens de la production...
  • Geir Morten Allum's nettsky/cloud computing hvor, hva, når, hvorfor, osv...

    Business Intelligence frokostseminar 31.mars

    31. mars går det et BI frokostseminar av stabelen hos oss på Lysaker. Litt frokost og et par timer med interessant påfyll er jo en perfekt start på dagen. Fokus for seminaret er 'Har din virksomhet god nok informasjon til å ta riktige beslutninger'. Det...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Gadgeteer: Continuing saga, can’t make connection to it

    Well for some reason, I am unable to connect to my Gadgeteer from my computer, likely it is a power issue and easily resolved, but need a connector for the Power Supply.  Hopefully the Radio Shack down the street is still in business.  Likely...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    New Book on Windows Embedded Standard 7

    Many of you may be familiar with Sean Liming, one of our MVPs, through his great support in the MSDN forums and previous books on Windows Embedded products. He now has a new book out for Windows Embedded Standard 7 called “Professional's Guide To Windows Embedded Standard 7”. Sean brings his experience in the industry to bear in explaining the Windows Embedded Standard 7 product and how the toolkit works. Along with a high level overview, Sean offers detailed sections on a number of areas including servicing and the embedded enabling features. Sean’s experience also comes in useful as he calls out differences between Windows Embedded Standard 7 and the XPe/Windows Embedded Standard 2009 family of products, making it easier to move to the latest Windows Embedded Standard offering.  You can purchase the book at Annabooks website. We already have some copies on our own team.



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  • ISV Germany

    Monatlich 25.000 kostenlose Emails versenden mit SendGrid

    Für alle Windows Azure Kunden haben wir durch die Kooperation mit SendGrid ein tolles Angebot: Sie können jetzt monatlich 25.000 kostenlose E-Mails für Ihre Azure Applikation nutzen. SendGrid stellt für transaktionale Emails im Rahmen...
  • A Hounds Guide to Windows Azure

    Flush() your streams when writing to a BlobStream

    Recently I had an opportunity to produce a prototype Windows HPC Burst to Windows Azure application for a customer. Other than playing with the samples this is my first time writing burst to Azure code. It was an amazing experience and I learned just...
  • Pascalme's blog

    Présentation, premier post

    Et voilà mon premier post, pour simplement me présenter. Je travaille dans la division Services de Microsoft France en tant que consultant. Mes technologies de prédilections sont les outils de développement et les différents frameworks .Net (Visual Studio...
  • Dynamics Latam

    CRM Seguimiento de Emails: Etiquetado (Tagging)

    Mucha gente se pregunta acerca de esta opción de etiquetado automático de emails disponible en el Diagnóstico de CRM (Diagnostics) y lo que hace. En este blog abordaremos el tema con mayor detalle. ¿Qué es el proceso...
  • Windows 硬件认证博客

    UEFI 提交申请的预提交测试

    1 简介 本博文提供了关于如何在将 UEFI 模块提交给 Microsoft UEFI CA 进行签名之前,对它们进行测试签名和验证的指南。在使用 Windows 开发人员中心硬件仪表板签名 UEFI 驱动程序或应用之前,您应根据此处提供的指南对您的 UEFI 驱动程序或应用进行测试签名和验证。这样做可以帮助您预先确定是否您的 UEFI 驱动程序或应用可以签名,以及是否其在签名之后可以正常运行。 在提交给 Microsoft UEFI CA 进行签名之前,对您的产品进行测试可以降低重复提交的可能性...
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