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  • Point2Share

    Searching SPS using MSN Desktop Search

    It’s all about search these days, Mark show how to create a search shortcut from MSN Desktop Search to SharePoint. Searching SPS using MSN Desktop Search
  • Ed Draper

    Interesting development in nanotech...

    Nanotechnology fascinates me. What other technology in the course of human evolution can even touch its potential? How invigorating it is to be alive and see it unfolding before our eyes… "In a demonstration that holds promise for future advances in nanotechnology...
  • shawn's blog

    Cross-posting - A new trend?

    A lot of us are now running both personal and corporate blogs. Stephen and I started discussing an idea to make this easier - server-side triggers that will post to another blog automatically. I can do this client-side right now - w.bloggar supports this...

    Visual C++ 2005 Page Updated

    Today we propped an updated Visual C++ 2005 page. I'm going to try to aggregate as much VC 2005 information as I can there until we launch the product, so you might want to bookmark this as a reference for Visual Studio 2005, C++/CLI, and Visual C++ 2005...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Microsoft Releases Visual FoxPro 9.0!

    The Visual FoxPro Team at Microsoft is very excited to announce the completion and release of Visual FoxPro 9.0! News for December from the VFP Team - Get the latest information about the release and availability of Visual FoxPro 9.0. There won't be any...
  • Visual Studio Data

    VFP 9 SHIPS!!!!! (by John Koziol)

    We are done with the puppy. See Ken or Calvin's blog or the product website (\vfoxpro ) for more information.
  • jfo's coding

    Creating a custom control in winforms - Part 6: Testing!

    Continuing on from last time ... Now that we've got Painting, Mouse handling up to speed, it's time to build a test application. After adding a Square to your control, add these few lines in OnLoad (or after initialize component) PropertyGrid pg = new...
  • IEBlog

    Happy Holidays!

    The information published in this post is now out-of-date. —IEBlog Editor, 20 August 2012 I want to comment on a couple of things before we all disappear for the holidays. As you may have noticed, we have turned on comment moderation due to the...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Problems connecting to Oracle on Windows Xp Sp2? (By Mike Droney)

    One of the many new features of Windows Xp Sp2 is that Windows Firewall is turned on by default. For those of us who connect to Oracle in Whidbey on a regular basis, this has affected us greatly. All of a sudden, the Oracle listener would start spouting...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Several Predictions for 2005 (updated 23 Dec)

    As usual, a number of predictions for the coming year start emerging, here are some from around the web: Web Design Predictions 2004 2005 ( - " Minimalism is out; detail is in ." Swanni's 2005 TV Predictions ( - " A New Beginning...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Home for the Holidays

    I'm going to be on vacation until the end of December, so this blog will be going dark for about a week and a half. It'll be nice to get away for a while, especially since I haven't taken a vacation since last December ... I'm definitely looking forward...
  • The Far Corner of the EEC

    If you've ever played foosball...

    • 2 Comments have to take a look at this video (another from the same email newsletter).
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