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    KatrinaSafe at PDC BOF Session

    If you are going to the PDC, there will be a Birds of a Feather session that will talk about how technology can be used to respond to a disaster like Katrina. It's called "Katrina Relief through technology" and will be on Monday, September 12 at 7:00...
  • hughpyle

    Now it begins

    We've created an application which can read and write Groove data. Groove's web services APIs also expose a very wide range of other functionality. Let's outline some of the possibilities. Create a new workspace, blank, or from an archive or...
  • hughpyle

    Writing Forms Data

    Writing a DataSet into a Groove Forms tool is just about as easy as reading data was. I won't bore you with a complete app (at least, not today... next week I'll be carrying around an example which reads from WSS and writes to Groove), but below the essential...
  • Baiju Nair's Blog on Visual Web Developer

    Recent changes in web conversion tool

    After Beta2 we have made some big changes to webconversion tool. Some of them are Moved all extra class/structs/enums to App_Code folder, so that other files in the web can use them. CodefileBaseClass support is added. If a page has CodeFileBaseClass...
  • hughpyle

    Contacts to Outlook

    As you can probably tell, it's a Friday afternoon, and I still have a load more of this to get through before the weekend. On Tuesday, I'm presenting this story at PDC . But the story is hidden behind all the little bits of code right now. So let's cut...
  • Adam Nathan's Old Blog

    There goes my dream of being a rock star...

    For anyone that was wondering about the fate of my audition , I got the following response today: Hello and thank you so much for your interest in Going Beyond Spotlight 2005!!! The response to our contest was OVERWHELMING with dozens and dozens...
  • hughpyle

    Reading Forms Data

    I think we can read Forms data now. We already added event handlers to two of our three combo-boxes (IdentitiesCombo, WorkspacesCombo), so let's do the same for the ToolsCombo, which contains a list of tools in the selected workspace. When the selection...
  • Live Search

    Search API News

    There have been hints for a while that we were going to be releasing an API for Search this year, but we had hoped that it would stay quiet for just one more week. It didn't and there is no reason to cry over spilt milk. The API itself will be released...
  • John Gallardo's Weblog

    Seeking on the XML Value Index

    This might be long, so I am going to cut to the chase right now. If you are using predicates which involve non-string types in your XQuery statements, you want to use typed data. There, I said it. Now lets try to figure out why. The issue basically...
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    Intro to Word XML Part 6: Locking down your XML structures

    [This post has been removed due to legal concerns]
  • Impressions from within a Software Company

    My first PDC

    I am a Program Manager in MSN and next week I will be going to the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles for the first time. My role here touches on many products that we produce, such as Hotmail, MSN Messenger, MSN Mobile, MSN Spaces, and...
  • hughpyle

    Identifying Groove Forms Tools

    The various workspace tools each have a Type, which identifies the tool: Files, Discussion, Calendar, Forms, and so on. The standard list of tool types in Groove V3 are:
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