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  • George Bullock's WebLog

    PDC 2005

    I'm getting ready to head to LA for PDC 2005. I'll be representing the Community team. Our primary goal is to build technologies that allow Microsoft customers to interact with each and with Microsoft. Current offerings include Microsoft...
  • Henry Hahn

    Bill Gates' Interview on Channel 9

    Check it out! Bill does an interview on Channel 9 .
  • Mitch Walker

    DirectX BOF Session at the PDC

    Andy has posted that there is going to be a DirectX Birds of a Feather session at the PDC next week. Sounds fun!
  • Inside Architecture

    Is SQL XML a bad idea?

    I worry that we may have created a monster. The fact that you can now submit an XML document to SQL Server and it will break it apart for you, storing the parts into tables... it's a pretty compelling idea. However, it also ties the persistence mechanism...
  • Namita's blog on Windows Presentation Foundation

    Starting my Blog...

    After working in Microsoft and Windows Presentation Foundation for 4 years, I finally decided that I need to start blogging about how much I've learnt in the past 4 years and what an awesome platform we have built. I've worked on various technologies...
  • Doc Holladay

    Doc Holladay blog has moved!

    I've moved my blog over to a new server and URL - this new site will give me expanded community capabilities including forums, membership, videos, podcasts, etc. Drop by, bookmark the new site and let me know your thoughts! ...
  • Feng Yuan (袁峰)

    Let's talk about printing at PDC05

    PDC 2005 is just a few days away! Now we can finally talk about digital document/printing under Windows Presentation Foundation(originally known as Avalon) using real code. I will be at the following sessions: Track Lounges: Presentation Hands...
  • What's in Store

    Visualizing WinFS Types

    Hi, my name is Sanjay Nagamangalam and I am a PM in the WinFS API team. As I started writing my early WinFS apps, I wanted to quickly browse all the schema types. The docs were useful, but were not fast to scan through. I wanted to “see” a type in all...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    AMD-Based Servers Strongly Considered as an Intel Alternative

    As long as they run Windows :)) BusinessWire reports : "TheInfoPro (TIP), , has released Wave 1 of its Server Study. According to in-depth interviews with leading-edge Server professionals the Wintel (Windows-Intel) market stranglehold...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Get started withWindows Mobile 5.0 Dvelopment

    If you want to get started in Windows Mobile 5.0 development. The best place to start is in the Introducing Windows Mobile 5.0 section of the Windows Moile Deeloper center. There you'll find out all the new API's , get details on and download the tools...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Musing

    ProcessorArchitecture and Assembly.FullName

    If you haven’t noticed, assemblies in .Net framework 2.0 have a new name attribute ProcessorArchitecture . The attribute is exposed in AssemblyName class as a property ProcessorArchitecture . If you pay a little more attention, you will notice...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    File System Web Sites in ASP.NET 2.0

    I'm pleased to announce my inaugural DevNugget, on creating and using File System-based web sites in ASP.NET 2.0 . What's a DevNugget? It's a short technical demonstration of a specific feature of interest to developers. Most DevNuggets are 5-8 minutes...
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