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  • Rob Caron

    Clinic 2551: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

    This course from Microsoft E-Learning, with an introduction from Rick LaPlante , is available through a free, 90–day subscription: Clinic 2551: Introduction to Visual Studio Team System This Clinic will provide both Business Decision Makers ...
  • random dross


    Hi! I'm David Ross and this is my work blog. As an engineer on the Microsoft Secure Windows Initiative at Microsoft I specialize in browser and web application security.
  • Зеркало: Воскресные байты изнутри Microsoft

    Homo Interneticus

    Сервисы в России, похоже, еще очень долго не дойдут до уровня цивилизованного мира. Одно из проявлений этого я чувствую на себе прямо сейчас: в службе доставки крупной бытовой техники единственной сети, до которой мне было не лень доехать, можно указать...
  • Jeremy Kuhne's Blog

    P/Invoke? No way!

    [7/20/05: Added an additional comment regarding setting up for Win32] I've mentioned in my earlier posts just how nice Managed C++ in 2005 (C++/CLI) is when it comes to interoping with unmanaged code. It makes P/Invoke downright painful by comparison...
  • Brad Abrams

    Showing Progress in a Console Windows

    Recently I needed to show some progress indicator on some long running console application. I recall the good old days of my college days with console based SMTP clients such as elm and pine … as I recall these clients showed progress via a simple ASCII...
  • Vinayak's WebLog

    Do you want to be a part of a team which can provide you with exceptional growth opportunities?

    We have an opening in our team for a Software Development Engineer. Additional information about this position can be found here .
  • dangriff's WebLog

    64-bit Media Center PC Problems

    I recently bought components to build my own media center PC. The primary purpose is to be able to conveniently rip my CDs to mp3 and listen to them on my stereo. The secondary purpose is to be a Personal Video Recorder, since we don't already have a...
  • Jeremy Kuhne's Blog

    Acrylic Automation: Crossing the Barrier

    Ok, so I really was chomping at the bit to blog. Now that we've gone beta I can get a lot of things off of my chest. Just too awkward to blog much before the product was announced, you know? In this post I'm going to give a bit of info on how to write...
  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Comparing strings in Whidbey

    There are new guidelines for comparing strings in Whidbey . The summary has the main points: Summary: Code owners previously using the InvariantCulture for string comparison, casing, and sorting should strongly consider using a new set of String...
  • venkatna's (Venkat Narayanan's) WebLog

    Web browser standards support - good article

    This might be old news to most people, but I just found a cool site that compares the major browsers for standards support. This is very useful for anyone designing a website and having to died with a browser matrix. -Venkat
  • load of tosh

    Opinions on Blogging Two Years Later

    I noticed today as I was trying to work out why I was unable to log in to my work blog, that this day two years ago was when I made my first blog entry. After one year I made an entry about what I thought of the blogging phenomenon after a year of trying...
  • Gianpaolo's blog

    Developer - Architect divide?

    Here are 2 sample feedbacks I received from my session at TechEd 2 days ago. 8 8 8 9 8 This was a good architecture talk. I wish some of my firm's enterprise architects had been there to see it. The concepts...
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