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  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Knock, knock…, who’s there?

    RP? …. RP Who? …. RP, the good guy, really! Would you open the door to a stranger? Probably. Would you give up some valuable information to him? Probably not without checking his identity; and of course you won’t take any of his identity, like his...
  • David L's Blog

    Frank, I wrote this really cool software...honest!

    Since Monday, we've been lucky enough to have two high-school students (they won scholarships worth $1000 and a placement at Microsoft) working with us in the Melbourne office; Nevhan and Dennis . Nevhan has been working away on a really cool ASP.NET...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Barrier to Entry

    Sorry Robert, if people have to create and log into their own blogs just to leave comments on other blogs they are reading... you'll lose at least 90% of the feedback. The barrier to entry is just to high. I have to: 1. Read your post 2. Create...
  • David L's Blog

    I bet The Boss never ate in the dark!

    My lovely fiancé Yil surprised me last night with a dinner reservation at a restaurant in Melbourne (Oz) called The Dark Side of 604 ! The night started off quite normally, with a quick latte and a peruse of the menu, followed by our order being taken...
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)


    6月29日発売のMdN社の定期刊行物 「Web Creators」8月号 の巻末特集「CMSツール目的別導入ガイド」にて、DotNetNukeをご紹介させていただきました��半ページですので、DotNetNukeの神髄まで語れませんでしたが、日本の雑誌で、DotNetNukeが紹介されたのがこれがはじめてだと思います。 今後、もう少し露出できると思いますのでご期待ください。 コミュニティにおけるマイクロソフト社員による発言やコメントは、マイクロソフトの正式な見解またはコメントではありません...
  • Palle Agermark's WebLog

    How to add a combo box with runtime generated items to a Dialog object.

    Combo boxes in Dialogs are added by adding a DialogField object with the type of an enum. The enum is then controlling what items you can pick from the combo box. But sometimes you may need to add a combo box with run time generated item and you of...
  • Euan Garden's BLOG

    Video Diary Completed

    I had some challenges with the final clips for but all the clips of the team are there now. We’ll probably tear down the streaming server in a month but you’ll be able to download clips for the duration. Highlights include...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Developers rejoice - new API for Windows Desktop Search!

    Ever since the MSN team released their first beta toolbar with Windows Desktop Search , developers have been asking how they can add its search functionality to their own programs. Well, the wait is over – the MSN team have quietly added documentation...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    Next Gen Game Console News

    Some interesting news (rumors are more like it) about the next generation of game consoles: The PS3 is rumored to cost $400 street and nearly $500 to make. Meanwhile, the XBox360 is rumored to cost about $300. If true, that's great news for Microsoft...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    MSXML6 fails during VS Beta 2 install

    I've seen a few failures with MSXML6 on machines with Beta 1 bits on it which weren't fully cleaned up. If you run into this, first, try using the Beta Clean up tool at: If you're still encountering...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    Installing on Windows XP 64 bit

    We have a nasty bug which prevents customers from Installing Visual Studio 2005 on a Windows XP 64 bit machine. This has been fixed recently but didn't make it in for our June CTP. If you're trying to install on an XP 64 bit machine, the work around...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Scorched Earth under Virtual PC

    Scorched Earth is one of the all time classic DOS games. It is a superb implementation of an artillery game where you get to control a tank and try to blow up everyone else. It is a very simple - but quite addictive game. As you progress through the game...
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