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  • Joe Calev's WebLog

    Off to the jungle!

    Starting tomorrow I will be OOF for two weeks visiting the remote jungles of Peru. You can read my itinerary here . I will also spend some time seeing Macchu Picchu and Cuzco. This trip was booked almost a year ago and some time ago I blogged about it...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    El Mundo mejora productividad de sus directivos con Windows Mobile

    Los directivos del periódico utilizan terminales Windows Mobile (conectados al sistema de mensajería y colaboración) para mejorar el acceso móvil a la información y conseguir el máximo de productividad. Toda la información en
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    MSR European PhD scholarship programme, and the seashore

    One of my favourite professors from grad school, Hiroshi Ishii , draws a beautiful analogy that compares the richness of the seashore to the interaction between bits and atoms, technologies and humans, sciences and arts. "People tend to think of borders...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Globo Online: TabletPCs para el trabajo de los reporteros

    Organizar el trabajo de multitud de reporteros que están cubriendo un evento organizando la información relevante que le pasa documentación para entender el contexto, añadido a las notas que toma en el lugar de la noticia, junto con entrevistas grabadas...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog

    Go here -

    Each time I look at the items in the MSN Sandbox they get cooler - this week I've noticed - my new homepage to agregate feeds and other cool content - AJAX Style etc... I'd recomend checking there everynow and then to see whats new...
  • Aali's blog

    Sytykkeen laivaseminaari

    Lähden hetken päästä Viking Linen terminaaliin ja hyppään laivaan osallistuakseni Sytyke ry :n laivaseminaariin . Ohjelmassa minun osaltani Microsoftin mallinnusvälineet ja erityisesti Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects .
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    PDC 2005 is coming!

    I'm back! We're a week away from PDC. A few members in the InfoCard team (including me) will be there at the PDC. For those of you who will be at the conference, we're looking forward to meeting and hearing your feedback. I'll also present one technical...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    CLR Performance Tips Chat Transcript

    Earlier this year we released a series of training videos, one of which was my own on CLR Performance Tips . We did a followup Q&A session in the form of an online chat -- I've been waiting for it to be added to the video page (previous link) like...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    How Can I Be A Presenter at TechEd next year ?

    I've been asked recently by some folks that they would like to be able to present at Tech.Ed next year, and who they need to contact. My reply went something like this Participate in the community. start a blog participate on a mailing...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    RSS is like an API for content

    Nivi : "RSS is like an API for content. RSS gives you access to a web site’s data just like an API gives you access to a web site’s computing power. Most important, RSS gives you access to your data that you have locked up on a web site." Via Rajesh...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    Benford's Law

    Well I’d never heard of Benford’s Law before but it states that if you look at a bunch of numbers, then 1 appears as the first digit about 30% of the time. For example if you take the area in square kilometres of each country in the world you’ll find...
  • Inside Architecture

    Coding Dojo concept: one kata for each common design pattern

    Time to combine two basic ideas: the idea of the coding dojo and the idea of design patterns as an essential element of development training. For those of you who haven't seen my previous posts on a coding dojo, the concept is that a karate dojo is...
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