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  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Whats Wrong with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

    The Red Sox are back in first place today and coincidentally are the FOX game of the week... unless you live on the west coast. Then you get to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on FOX instead. There are no other baseball games to watch because Fox has...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Blogs - Public vs. Private

    Wow. Julie Leung ( ) just finished a presentation at Gnomedex about Blogs as a Social Tool. She made all of us think about where the limits are between one's public and private personas. Where is the line between our private...
  • Rob Caron

    Moving from NUnit to Team System Unit Testing

    One of the most frequently asked questions about Team System unit testing is how to migrate hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of NUnit unit tests. For months we’ve been saying that James Newkirk , creator of NUnit , is working on a tool for doing just...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Gnomedex 5.0 - Post 2

    Day 2 is about to start at Gnomedex. The broadband was terrible yesterday, and I couldn’t get a connection for more than a few minutes. I haven’t posted about the remainder of Day One yet, but I’ll get to that in a second. One of the lessons that...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    Our welcome from (and to) the community

    Well, this is has been quite a fun 30 hours. Yesterday, at Gnomedex 5.0 Dean, GM of the Browsing and RSS Technologies team (and frequent IEBlog poster), announced a bunch of RSS-related features of Longhorn. Details of all that are on the MSDN site. ...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Building InfoCard App, Part 1

    …Now the fun begins…, let’s code and we’ll get back to a few InfoCard concepts later… Follow the following instructions: 1. Create a New Project. Choose the project type, for our walkthrough, let’s just pick a Console Application , and name your...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Larry talks Visual Studio 2005 aka. Whidbey on MSDN TV

    Larry Sullivan gives a brief overview of Visual Studio 2005 on 64-bit with an eye to what the CLR is doing to preserve your investment in managed code when you move to the .NET Framework and Visual Studio on a 64-bit processor. Watch the video here .
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    'The biggest thing is to not overly use the word 'RSS' '

    Seattle Times quotes Scott Gatz , the senior director for personalization products at Yahoo in reaction to yesterday's RSS/Longhorn news : "The biggest thing is to not overly use the word 'RSS'" RSS , RSS , RSS , RSS , RSS , RSS , RSS , RSS ...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    InfoPath and the File Upload Control

    InfoPath provides a variety of controls that can be used during form design. One of these controls is the file upload. It enables the direct inclusion of documents within an InfoPath form. Also, it provides the ability to directly browse the local file...
  • Darien's Dialog..

    The Independent Software Architects Council of Malaysia

    " The Independant Software Architects Council of Malaysia (ISAC-M), a non-profit organization, was formed recently representing a concerted effort on the part of both IT vendors and users to define, regulate and facilitate the advancement of software...
  • Roberdan


  • Roberdan

    New Microsoft SharePoint Web Site

    • 2 Comments has changed his skin for this summer Online Demos : Windows SharePoint Services / SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Thx to
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