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  • XQuery Inside SQL Server 2005

    Analyzing the Static Type of your Query

    XQuery inside SQL Server 2005 implements a set of rules that enable us to catch potential problems with the user query at compile time, based on static analysis of the query. The complete rules for static analysis of XQuery expressions are detailed in...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Sharron utterly ROCKs

    The family (Mom, Dad, Daniel, Sharron and Grandma) spent this weekend up at the Whidbey Equestrian Center for the WEC's April Fools Dressage Show . Sharron (and, of course Oliver the wonder pony) was riding the USDF Training Level 1 and 2 tests (twice...
  • Rob Caron

    Installing Team Foundation Server, Beta 2

    If you’ve already downloaded Team Foundation Server, Beta 2 from MSDN Subscriber Downloads, please wait for the April CTP of SQL Server 2005 before you attempt to install it. You need the April CTP, like I wrote in the Installation Guide. It should be...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Get your Express Beta 2!

    Visual Studio Express Beta 2 editions are now available for download ! Perfect for students and a great way to play with the languages and code.
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Play with your code - MSDN Coding4Fun Dev Center is live!

    Sometimes the world of software development is far too serious, so the guys from the Visual Studio team are bringing you the Coding4Fun Developer Center over on MSDN! [from Dan Fernandez's blog - who does a great job summarizing some of the great features...
  • Rob Caron

    A Peek Inside the Microsoft 'Whidbey' Ship Room

    Darryl Taft of eWeek has a great article that not only gives you a glimpse into the Whidbey Ship Room, but also gives you some insight into the history of integrating the CLR into SQL Server. In a nondescript conference room at the heart of Microsoft...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Beta 2, Get Yer Beta 2

    As I'm sure most of you have seen by now, today we announced the availability of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and SQL Server 2005 April Community Tech Preview. The release is a huge step over the old beta 1 bits, and can be found on MSDN . One of the...
  • One Louder

    Smart but Mouthy

    Well I guess my name is in Fast Company Magazine (May, p. 28). They contacted me for my title a while back but I didn't really know what the mention was going to be. Now I blog is one of three blogs mentioned, written by women..."three smart...
  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    SQL Server 2005 CTP - April 2005 now on MSDN

    MSDN subscribers can now download SQL Server 2005 CTP - April 2005 from MSDN Downloads . Developer edition is 847.24 MB. This is the version required for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 2 (also available for download on MSDN - 273...
  • Team System Workshop Announcements

    System Definition Model (SDM) SDK workbench now available!

    The System Definition Model (SDM) SDK Workbench tools workbench ( ) is now available. As a core piece of the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), SDM is the underlying data model for the Distributed System...
  • Visual Studio

    Check out Developer eLearning

    "eLearning is an effective and efficient system of self-paced personal training, available over the Internet. Microsoft has made courses available in eLearning form to cover several of the important new technologies in Visual Studio 2005, including Connected...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Silent Bob Speaks - An Evening with Kevin Smith

    Last week, two DVDs showed up from Netflix . Because of the speed at which we've recently gone through movies, there are a number of old items in our queue, and the two DVDs I pulled out were "An evening with Kevin Smith", part I and part II. Kevin...
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