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  • Nigel Parker's Outside Line

    Andrew Tokeley is #3

    You take a punt on someone and sometimes it flies! ------------ Andrew Tokeley Ewen Gilmour Maybe "Tokes" took some of his inspiration from Ewen Gilmour at the techfest party on Tuesday night... but he managed to pull the number 3 spot as a presenter...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Back from Tech.Ed : Reading People's Posts

    I'm back at the office this week following Tech.Ed on the Gold Coast and it's really quite here. I guess folks are having a long weekend or something. So, this gives me a change to catch up with some of the posts from attendees (and even some remote...
  • Tales from the Smart Client

    Speaking at PDC -- Building an large application with WinFX

    I'm speaking at a lunch session on the 16th about how we built a large client application using WinFX, in particular Windows Presentation Framework (aka Avalon). The application itself will be announced at PDC, but for the purposes of this talk it doesn...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Last Week for PDC05 Show Off Submissions

    Whether or not you're attending the upcoming Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2005 , we'd love to see you submit a short video for our Show Off event. It's a great way to demonstrate what can be accomplished when you pair a great developer...

    Long Night ... long morning

    We finally got the production roll for KatrinaSafe done at about 3:30 AM last night. Got in here to the Austin MTC as around 10 AM ... only to find that we missed some issues with the site. That'll happen when you've been coding into the wee hours of...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Hancock County Emergency Services in West Virginia needs help contacting Hancock County, MS

    Posted with permission from sender… Hey Sara,      I am a Captain with Hancock County Emergency Services in West Virginia. Our County Commissioners would like to assist Hancock County, Mississippi, but we have been unable to contact...
  • Neeraj Agrawal

    Why doesn't my process terminate even after main thread terminated

    Sometimes you may wonder why your .NET application didn't terminated even after the main thread is terminated. Infact I was boggled with this problem for some time. Finally I figured out that .NET does not terminates a process on the termination of main...
  • Miguel Campos Blog

    Biztalk performance problems with Web Services

    After reading a post from a coworker I found two links of interest regarding configuration changes required to improved Biztalk performance when calling Web Services: At Your Service: Performance Considerations for Making Web Service Calls from ASPX...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ninemsn news has RSS Feeds

    Just noticed RSS feeds on ninemsn news . Pity they aren't full feed. TOP LATEST NEWS NATIONAL WORLD http://news...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Inicialização múltipla vs. O.S.

    Se o Beta 1 for instalado em um computador que já possua um sistema operacional instalado, o setup irá mantê-lo no menu de inicialização. Em alguns casos o sistema anterior aparecerá como uma alternativa válida no menu, mas poderá não iniciar. Este release...
  • Antimail

    Thoughts on chirality

    In a recent post that I've missed until now, Eric Lippert describes a simple mental experiment: why a mirror reverses left and right, but not top and bottom. This weird property (called chirality ) has a fascinating history, and deep implications everywhere...

    In Austin ... working on

    Every once in a while, I'm reminded what a great company Microsoft is ... and what great people I work with. This is one of those times. I'm in Austin right now and we're going live with right now. This is a web site that will help...
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