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  • Luke Nyswonger

    The ExplorerOM SDK samples fail on SQL binary collation

    Problem The ExplorerOM SDK samples have a database name in the connection string with the incorrect case which causes it to fail on binary collation SQL. How do I fix it? Open the Delete Party ExplorerOM SDK sample found at <ProdDir>\SDK\Samples...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Scott Guthrie Blogs Again!

    Scott Guthrie , the Product Unit Manager responsible for ASP.NET, has started blogging again, and he's already posted three excellent and informative items. All of them relate to the details of the development and testing process that we use within Microsoft...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Book Review: User Stories Applied

    This book came highly recommended by one of our Architectural Consultants, so I ordered it from Amazon , added it to my stack of books, and after some time, I've finally Stack.Pop()'d it. Author Mike Cohn, founder of Mountain Goat Software , is a very...
  • shawn's blog

    LapLust - HP zd8K

    Updated now that I have one - see my review here .,1759,1706540,00.asp Check out this beast. Two tuner cards. Why anyone would call this a "laptop" is beyond me. System weight = 9.5 lbs. Could be a fantastic desktop...
  • John

    This is a new Article

    Here some article text that will display on the page. This is cool text.
  • John

    This is a sample article

    Article text goes here.
  • Just Coding

    XP Misunderstanding

    I like , it's one of this sites I like to come back to see what's new in the Process&Methodology space. I don't like the articles named "The ABC of ...", however there is one called: " The ABCs of XP, RAD, and PSP " [ http://www...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Back in the Saddle (John Koziol)

    To borrow Aerosmith from their excellent Toys in the Attic album. Anyhow, I've been fighting some illnesses lately and the medication I'm taking leaves me loopy in the evenings - just the perfect time for me to blog. Hence, no blog entries in a while...
  • Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer

    VSS vs. Team Foundation Version Control | Checkout Behavior

    "Unexpected Get" was the subject of a very interesting email thread that passed through my Outlook Inbox today. I mentioned the issue it raises in a previous post: Team Foundation vs. SourceSafe | Checking Out . Basically, VSS and Team Foundation perform...
  • Chris Castillo's WebLog

    IOleCommandTarget Issues

    I know many of you have run into some issues when using the Visio ActiveX control's IOleCommandTarget interface. This interface is used to invoke Visio menu functionaility from your own .NET winform menu items. Mark talks a little bit about it in his...
  • John

    Pushing the limits -- or at least the footer

    The footer still isn't far enough down. I need more bogus text for this blog.
  • John

    New Post

    This is a cool new post by me. I'm doing this to see how this blob tool formats HTML. So far, I'm not having any luck. I'm placing this text to force the footer below the left navigation links.
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