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  • TabBlogger

    Taking a break...

    I'm taking a week-long break from work, combined with the upcoming Labor Day weekend, to fix up my house. I will have a posting on Sept 1, so I will not be completely silent. Unfortunately for you though, I do not have an automated posting mechanism...
  • What's in Store

    Shipping WinFS Beta 1

    My name is Quentin Clark, I run the Program Management team for WinFS – directing the team that is shaping WinFS. Many of you have seen me on a few WinFS bits on Channel 9, and from the PDC in 2003. I have been working on WinFS since 2002. Overall, I...
  • What's in Store

    Bored with computers

    Hi, my name is Peter Spiro. I’m the General Manager in SQL Server responsible for the WinFS team and I’ve been bored with computers and software in general. Now before I continue with that thread, some background info seems appropriate. I...
  • What's in Store


    Hello everyone and welcome to the WinFS team blog! My name is Vijay Bangaru and I’m a Program Manager on the WinFS product team. Today we are very excited to announce the release of WinFS Beta 1. As you probably know “WinFS” is the codename for the new...
  • Hong Gao 's Web Log :

    Help us to have a better Framework deployment story

    Microsoft is now planning the next wave of its development tools and platforms. We acknowledge the impact that runtime deployment has on the ability to develop applications and are interested in hearing more about ISVs needs. For those of you who are...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Changing the name of virtual networks under Virtual PC

    Under Virtual Server we provide a convenient UI to allow the user to change the name of their virtual networks. Under Virtual PC - however - we just use the name of the physical network card for the name of the virtual network. Normally this is okay ...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    WinFS beta 1 released

    Robert Scoble has uploaded the WinFS video to Channel 9 . Haven't seen it myself yet, only just heard! Check out the WinFS team blog too - this post is by Quentin Clark e the director of program management for WinFS. " It’s a big milestone...
  • James Newkirk's Blog

    The Devil in the White City

    For awhile I have wanted to read the book " The Devil in the White City " by Erik Larson. I finally got a chance to read the book yesterday. The book details the work in bringing the Worlds Columbian Exposition to Chicago in 1893 juxtaposed with the grim...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    Free 3 hours of ASP.NET 2.0 training from AppDev

    AppDev is offering up 3 hours of super high quality ASP.NET 2.0 training for free! Get in on the action at:
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    More on dependency properties

    David asked why dependency properties don't use generics. Honestly, once we looked hard at it, we didn't see a great deal of gain, certainly not enough to justify the cost of making the change to all the people using DP's. If you're calling through the...
  • Developing for Developers

    The Visitor pattern and multiple dispatch

    Today I'll talk about multiple dispatch, a programming language feature that increases flexibility of method calls and eliminates the need for awkward pattern constructions, at the cost of some additional complexity in the dispatch algorithm. The Visitor...
  • Miguel Campos Blog

    WinFS Beta is coming

    Some of you who attended the PDC 03 will remember that Win FS was given a lot of attention. I was later dropped from Longhorn (I mean Vista) and everybody assumed it was dead. Reality if different:,,1853294...
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