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  • Randy Holloway at Microsoft


    • 0 Comments : "Microsoft plans to overlay its current sales structure, which divides the continent into regions, with a second group that is focused on five specific industries--financial services, health care and life sciences, manufacturing, professional...
  • scarroll's Blog

    Vacation Time

    I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. I promise to be a good little blogger and write more posts about the profiler when I return. If you happen to be in Italy and see a hopeless looking Yank muttering in pidgin Italian trying to order gelato, that...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Support dans un environnement virtuel non Microsoft

    KB: 897615 Support policy for Microsoft software running in non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software
  • scarroll's Blog

    Profiling FAQ #4: The top sampled function is [ntdll.dll], now what do I do?!

    One of our big missions here in VS Profiler land is to bring profiling tools to people who maybe haven't had access to one before. I know before I started here, I never really needed to use the Microsoft Symbol Server. However, for the profiler in sampling...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Support des applications dans une machine virtuelle sous Virtual Server 2005

    Deux nouveaux articles de la base de connaissance KB: 897613 Microsoft Virtual Server support policy KB: 897614 Windows Server System software not supported within a Microsoft Virtual Server environment...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Yukon's management tools

    As the creator of a few SQL Server-specific tools myself (Sequin, DataPipe, etc.), I have some fairly strong opinions on what type of functionality the tools that come in the white box with SQL Server should have, particularly the GUI apps. At a high...
  • scarroll's Blog

    Profiling FAQ #3: How do -exclude and -include on vsinstr differ from -start / -suspend / -resume, etc.

    VSinstr has two different categories of switches. The first category of switches control which methods get instrumented. The second category of switches control whether or not profiling collection is enabled or not. They are completely orthogonal. ...
  • Dave Froslie - Microsoft Development on the Prairie

    Scrum Teams 'In the Flow'

    One of the things that I really enjoy is playing basketball. There are multiple morning and noon pickup games at a nearby health club that several Microsoft team members attend. It’s a good mix of younger and older players; I’m a proud member of the latter...
  • Daryll McDade

    Laptop only high schools?

    I am curious to know how folks feel about this. I have seen a couple of schools try this and I saw a post on the AP listserv about it. I came across an article about a school in San Jose that is doing this. Personally, I think it's a mixed
  • scarroll's Blog

    Paper Summary #2: Where the Bugs Are

    Who wrote it: Thomas J. Ostrand, Elaine J. Weyuker, Robert M. Bell from ATT Labs - Research What's it called: Where the Bugs Are Where was it published: ISSTA 2004 Background: Another really interesting area of research to us Team System folks...
  • Rob Copeland's Blog

    Am I a "one blog" wonder?

    I said in my original blog entry that I didn’t want to become one of those "one blog wonders." Well, it almost happened, even though I have made more than one post J . Today it occurred to me that I had not written anything for a while. I guess I still...
  • Visio


    普段何気なくソリューション、アドイン、アドオンなどという言葉を使っていますが、何が違うんでしょうか? 他にもプラグインというのもありますね。アドイン、アドオン、プラグインはアプリケーションの機能拡張のためのモジュールで、ソリューションはこうした機能拡張の総称、と考えていますが、どうでしょうか? VBA も機能拡張のためのソリューションといえますね。 ではアドインとアドオンの違いは何か? 話し言葉で使うときはほとんど意識したことがないのですが、実は大きな違いがあります。Visio は独自のアドオン形式を持っているので今回はこのあたりを紹介します...
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