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  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    Death to "int" (and its variations)

    I've been cleaning up a bunch of code lately (including warnings from our forthcoming static analysis tool .) I'm seeing a bunch of old code that uses integers when "unsigned int" was obviously the intended meaning. For instance: AddEntriesyToList( ENTRY...
  • release_team's WebLog

    DCRs and Breaking Changes

    Have you ever been asked to change something when you felt you were done? It happens; customers provide feedback, security reviews reveal vulnerabilities in a design…there’s always a reason for a change. A “DCR” is a Design Change Request and are designed...
  • Visual Studio Data

    SQLCLR Demo on MSDN TV (by Milind)

    Sometime back I had done a short demo for MSDN TV that shows creating a simple user defined data type for SQL Server 2005 using Visual Studio 2005. Finally it's online now! In VS 2005 we have built project system support to make it really easy to create...
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010

    Monday's InfoPath WebCast: Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2003

    Hello everyone, I hope you will join us for the next presentation in the InfoPath WebCast series - Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2003. This talk will be presented by Mihaela Cristina Cris, a Software Test Engineer in the InfoPath group, Monday starting...

    Security Chat November 18th

    Update: I'm taking this off the security feed so the new one shows up on the Security Developer Center home page. Update: Chat is over. Lots of good info from Mike and great questions. I'll post a link to the transcript when I get it. Update : This chat...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    BTS with MSMQ, NLB, Firewalls - courtesy of Brandon Gross

    Brandon Gross, one of the BizTalk wizards at the Interlink Group, in Seattle, has a blog - subscribed . I've been working with Brandon on an intriguing scenario that he has described, and it's been great to work with Brandon with this client, and to see...
  • Rule's Roost

    The Excel Web Query and Predicting the Washington State Governor's Race

    Web Queries in Excel let you grab tabular data off of a web page without writing any code or messing with web services. I use this feature all the time as a manager trying to grab internal business data off of many different systems in order to analyze...
  • To the tune of James

    Goodbye Bluestone, hello JBoss

    • 1 Comments has an article up about the news that HP will now provide support for JBoss. Now I can't really comment on JBoss, I installed it a few times and played with over the years, but I never developed any real code using it. Personally when it comes...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Embarrassed it has come to this... Help me help you with VBCommenter

    I apparently don't have any machines fit to access the source control for my gotdotnet workspaces. Not even pure virtual machines I've tried work. This means I can't grab the latest code, make some change for a 1.2 release, and fix some of the bugs you...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Geo-targeting, and the customer experience

    I'm finding it really hard to find any decent online resources, research and best practices around how websites deal with international audiences, i.e. the ability to serve the user the right content in terms of geography and language... Is there any...
  • John's Blog

    Gadgets: Cheap SPOT watches

    If you think you might like the idea of owning a SPOT Smart Watch, but don't want to spent more than, say, $100, here are two deals that will get you started from half that amount. And as you can have two watches per MSN Direct account, you can always...
  • Antimail

    Little math problem

    OK, probably you already had your latte this morning but here is nice puzzle: Let's say that a rectangle is "rational" if the ratio between the width and height is a rational number. Now, proof that a rectangle is rational if and only if the rectangle...
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