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  • Windows Core Networking

    WNDP MSDN Library References

    Here is a list of references to some of the APIs within the WNDP group WinINet Winsock WinHttp QoS
  • Windows Core Networking

    Run ASMX without IIS

    Back in late 2004, Aaron Skonnard wrote an interesting article that details how a developer can create a lightweight, special-purpose web server without IIS. In his sample, Aaron chooses to host ASMX web services, but one could easily create other types...
  • Windows Core Networking

    Welcome WNDP Team to the Blogsphere!

    Over the coming weeks the team will be adding information on developing your applications with the current set of network developer APIs as well as information on APIs on the upcoming Windows Codenamed "Longhorn" APIs. Some of this information has already...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    XmlReader and XmlWriter articles by Alex Homer

    Alex Homer wrote a very good article ( ) on using XmlReader and XmlWriter in .NET 2.0. It is based on beta 2 bits and while we've added a few new features since then (for example, allowXmlAttributes flag), it...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Google Song

    Inside Google points to some home-grown funny Flash movie.... Google Song , created by Edward Evans (known to b3tans as giant_squid) and manwithunderpantsonheed.
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Remotable Windows Media Player in C#

    Last August, I wrote a post talking about my efforts to create a remotable version of Windows Media Player from within C#. It's pretty easy to use COM interop to embed an instance of the windows media player in a C# application, but there's a class...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Warlords BattleCry under Virtual PC

    Warlords BattleCry is an interesting spin off from the original Warlords series. It is not a turn based strategy game (like the others in the series) but is a real time strategy. As far as realtime strategy games go - it is not that bad - but to be honest...
  • Typed XML in SQL Server 2005

    Effects of the type substitution mechanism on static typing (part II)

    In this follow-up to last week’s post I’d like to look at more examples, in particular those involving the use of wildcards in XPath expressions. Let’s look at the following schema CREATE XML SCHEMA COLLECTION myCollection AS ' <schema xmlns...
  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    How to handle idle time processing: When idle is not really idle

    Did you know that on fast machine idle time processing can kick in even if from you point of view application is not really idle? Take, for example, MFC. It calls OnIdle when application message queue becomes empty. Now, imagine that you are typing something...
  • One Louder

    On my mind...

    I've been firing on all cylinders lately. Office move + fiscal year end + lots of nice weather (read: yard work)+ trying new things + mentoring our new intern (more about her later...she's fabulous). I naturally have a short attention span (did you already...
  • Andy Harjanto's InfoCard WebLog

    Wanted: InfoCard OM

    Have you created your first self-issued card yet? Please see my first posting for instruction . Would you like to create, delete a bunch of cards programmatically? I have a good news and/or a bad news. The bad (or good) news is – you can’t. There is no...
  • Dave Webster's WebLog

    Migrating to ASP.Net 2.0

    Well Janine has stepped out for a while so I can break convalesence and do some of the migration and of course blog about it. At this point Janines Gift Basket Business is as much a hobby for me as anything else - it certainly isn't making much money...
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