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  • Shailan - Data for the Masses

    2008 Global Launch Wave

    Microsoft's Fiscal Year 2008 will see three server launches, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. Just announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Windows Server 2008 will be launched jointly with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL...
  • Garrett Serack: Open Source Development at Microsoft

    This Week: Off to MGX, Next Week: OSCON!

    I'm off to Microsoft's MGX conference ( Microsoft Global Exchange ) in Orlando this week. At MGX, the global sales force converges to learn and understand what's new, and what's going on. I'm going along to get a feel for what the evangelists are doing...
  • 川西 裕幸のブログ


    WPFでアニメーション速度を変更するときは、AnimationClock.Controller.SpeedRatioを使います。 AnimationClockを使うには、次のようにコードでAnimationClockとAnimationとターゲットプロパティを関連付ける必要があります。 AnimationClock myClock; DoubleAnimation myAnimation = new DoubleAnimation (0.0, 360.0, new Duration...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    TechReady is like PDC or TechEd but better

    Arriving at the venue in Downtown Seattle I started filming the internal crowd. I'll post the video later. After meeting with old friends from Germany and Singapore I attend the first meeting. Currently I am in a HPC session my coworker Giovanni is delivering...
  • o-LIVE-r


    Mit dem 2007 Microsoft Office System wurde ein neues XML-basierendes Dateiformat als Standardformat eingeführt. Es wird als " Office Open XML Format" bezeichnet. Wichtige Dokumente auch mit künftigen Versionen noch problemlos bearbeiten zu können, stellte...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Silverlight 1.0 kommt auf die Zielgerade

    Und bevor Silverlight 1.0 nun fertiggestellt und veröffentlich wird, ein kleines Update über finale Änderungen, der sogenannten Breaking Changes. Diese Liste hat mein Kollege Joe Stegman (
  • Allan's Best Week Ever

    Orcas and WPF/E getting real close...

    You knew them when :) Here they are in all their Beta 2 (.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008) and RC (Silverlight 1.0 - ok a few more days on this) glory. Read Soma's announce , watch the video , get the bits . Downloading now... Are you syndicating with...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    Congrats to the new MVPs in our area!

    (and if I left you off, ping me so I can add you to the list) Dan Attis - Atlanta, GA - Sharepoint Todd Miranda - Birmingham, AL - Visual Developer (aka WPF/Silverlight) Lori McKinney - Huntsville, AL - Windows Server (Customer Experience...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Network Access Protection - defending yourself against you users!

    We were recently doing some research with students, and found that most of them are arriving at university with their own laptops and computers. Once there, they seem to have two modes of using them. Once method is to leave them in their room, and carry...
  • Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Documentation Blog

    WDK Docs Updated for June 2008

    The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation set on the Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ) and the Windows Hardware Developer Central ( WHDC ) Web sites has been updated for June 2008. The WDK documentation team has updated the documentation to address...
  • Le Café Central de DeVa

    MAPI : Do you know why MAPI is not suitable for HTML messages?

    Do you know why MAPI is not suitable for HTML messages? MAPI 1.0 was written before HTML mail was developed and does not reliably support the creation of HTML-formatted messages. As you know, MAPI 1.0 is the version supported by all versions of...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Channel 9: Mit Silverlight 2 einen Videoplayer erstellen

    In diesem Channel 9 Video zeige ich, wie man einfach und ohne den Expression Encoder einen kleinen aber feinen Videoplayer erstellen kann. Silverlight 2 Codeclip: Ein einfacher Videoplayer Der fertige Videoplayer liegt hier zum Download bereit:
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