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  • Visual Studio Data

    I'm outta here for 3 weeks (by yag)

    Just a quick heads up that I'll be in Europe for the next 3 weeks for conferences, user groups and some vacation. Blogging is likely to be minimal to non-existent. See y'all after July 15th!
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    SuperNova live webcast - links to transcripts

    (update: this is over now so am linking to FastCompany's Heath Row posted transcripts of most of the Supernova sessions) "Welcome to the Connected World" "Thomas Malone: Perspective" "Ray Ozzie: Perspective" "The Network Is People" ...
  • Carter Maslan

    "Chalk-talk" on WSE 2.0

    This video is an old-school chalk-talk on WSE 2.0 ; it's a quick overview of how easy it is to add WS-Security headers to your Web Services. Two Regional Directors describe the WSE proxy class that takes care of encoding authentication credentials...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Check out FotoVision (by yag)

    A number of folks have blogged about this over the last few weeks - but since I found myself recommending it to 3 different people today (and I know that two of them read this blog), I figured that I should post it myself as well. FotoVision is a suite...
  • Visual Studio Data

    More on Improv Everywhere (by yag)

    A while back I posted on a group called Improv Everywhere . I mention that a friend and former co-worker (Rick) should check it out since he's doing improv in NY in his spare time. Rick comments back that he thinks that another former co-worker's brother...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Grouping classes in an assembly (by yag)

    Via Eric Gunnerson (also check out the comments on his post): This useful bit of information crossed my desk today: When it comes to packaging in separate assemblies, remember that you pay a fairly large performance hit on an assembly load. An...
  • ronpih's weblog

    Danger as a Teaching Mechanism

    This is a great post. Nothing like some major consequences to burn a lesson into your brain. I have my own similar story: Many years ago I was working with a friend of mine, George, in his basement. We were a two-man shop (his company) doing embedded...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Awesome flight tracking site (by yag)

    Well - the doctor gave me the ok to travel to Amsterdam, so I'm heading to Tech Ed. Coincidentally, Andrew Ross MacNeill posted a link to an awesome site that tracks an actual plane location - making it more accurate than most airline sites. It doesn...
  • Cyrus' Blather

    Yet another reason I hate C++

    for ( long i = 0; parameters.GetCount(); i++) { What could be wrong with that?? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Curse you C++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't that at least be a warning?
  • .NET Security Blog

    A Code Snippet Before The Weekend

    Just a quick post for today. I needed to use the LPPROCESS_INFORMATION C type from managed code today, so I poped over to to see if there was any information on it. There was a definition for PROCESS_INFORMATION , but nothing on LPPROCESS_INFORMATION...
  • frice's WebLog

    Tips on Access report numbering

    Starting Report page numbers from a number other than one In Design View place an unbound text box in the report footer or header. Then enter the following in the ControlSource property of the text box: ="Page " & [Page]+([Starting Page]-1)...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    TechEd Sessions Online

    Streaming producer presenations from TechEd US have been posted. However, the streaming presenation site has the same lack-of-url-addressability issue that TechEd Breakout session list had. Is it so hard to just post a simple HTML file with a list of...
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