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  • Tim Sneath

    Two Horns of a Longhorn

    I received a phone call out of the blue a few weeks back from US customs informing me that they had received an animal's head with my name as the listed recipient, and could I tell them what animal it was, what country it was from, whether it had been...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Introducing ... The Suggestion Kitty’s Bite of Advice

    I’m happy to introduce a new feature to Technical Careers @ Microsoft … The Suggestion Kitty’s Bite of Advice. Along the way, Zoe and I talked about many static topics that will be just as timely next year as they were when we wrote the posts. So that...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    使用Visual Web Dev 2005来开发Web Part

    在 Visual Studio 2005 中,或者更准确地说,在 ASP2.0 中, Web Part 是一个相当底层而且通用的组件。 Everything is one web part 。 看到一篇关于使用 Visual Web Dev 2005 来开发 Web Part 的文章,写得不难,但挺详细的。感兴趣的同学可以看看,然后自己动手试试看。 Designing with WebParts in Visual Web Developer
  • Just Coding

    I'm back

    After 1 month without posts (we were shipping our last project) I'm back, with a lot of ideas to develop, and write about, so stay tuned to "Just Coding" and I will share with you my experiences developing software from MSSpain
  • Matt Powell might want to grab a kleenex...

    I was out sick yesterday with something my daughters gave me. I woke up this morning feeling much better (fever symptoms all gone) but I still had a bit of a runny nose. But this morning I had a dentist appointment to fix some fillings that I managed...
  • Matt Powell

    Mark Fussell on Binary XML

    Mark Fussell, currently working on WSE, let's loose on the W3C work on binary XML . Mark makes some good points. A few points of mine: I realize that you could trivially come up with a binary format that could replace XML, but then you need to get everyone...
  • Sampy's Blog

    What is Monday?

    I made mention on Channel9 that I'll have more free time come Monday ( ). This lead some to think that Beta 2 would be done and I could move on to RTM. Ha! I wish. When you get closer and closer...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System

    Video Tutorial: How to Bind Data to Controls on an Excel Worksheet

    This demonstration shows you how to use the Data Sources Window in Visual Studio to add data-bound controls to an Excel worksheet. The demo is six minutes long and can be viewed at Demo 9 -- How to Bind Data to Controls on an Excel Worksheet . Note that...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Shelving primer

    Buck posted a howto on shelving from the command line . For those of you out there with the December CTP, you have a chance to get an early look at how one of my favorite features in Team Foundation Version Control. It's also one of the areas I'm responsible...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    MCF Format Release Has Been Delayed

    Due to the fact that my professor hasn't questioned the .mcf file format yet, I have not released its spec. He has asked another professor in the department about the format but this professor did not budge even though he knows all the details. --Eric...
  • Buck Hodges

    How to use shelving from the command line

    Shelving is a really useful feature that was included for the first time with the Dec. CTP. Shelving allows you to save your changes to a shelveset on the server. The shelveset consists of the same kind of information that a checkin does, except that...
  • Brad Abrams

    Its an honor just to be nominated :-)

    Check out .NET Developer's Journal Interactive 2004 Readers' Choice Awards Voting Ballot ,,, Lots of great books in the list, I am honored to have the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference, Volume 1 on the list… Also, notice, they have categories...
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