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  • Write Ahead Blog

    Routing Service Broker conversations (Part 2)

    In a previous post , I described the basic routing architecture of Service Broker. What I did not describe was a special facility that allows you to exploit external mechanisms for finding routes. For example, an enterprise may use Active Directory or...
  • James Manning's blog

    Code Snippet for ArgumentNullException

    I got a chance to see BradA give his talk at TriNUG Wednesday night, and in honor of that (specifically, the part where he explains why an API may do a disservice to its consumers if it needs an argument to be non-null and just lets null refs happen instead...
  • nikop's WebLog

    Feb CTP fails during setup with "setup could not connect to the database for server configuration"....

    With the release of Feb CTP, one of the known issues that's in this release is that setup might fail with a message that the server could not connect to the database. It's listed in the known issues section of the CTP notes, but here is the error and...
  • AprilR's Blog

    What's the VC++ team doing right now?

    Are you wondering what the team is up to right now? Well, along with many other teams in the Developer Division, we are feverishly working to bring you our next Beta. We've been in what we call "Ask Mode" for four weeks now and have only taken around...
  • AprilR's Blog

    Ready to Go - SEPG 2005 in Seattle

    Since studying project management in the latter part of my undergraduate work, as you may have noted in the Project Management Reality entry, I've tried to keep up to speed on the various professional efforts to create systems for managing software development...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Another script to backup a virtual machine

    Last week I posted a sample script that would save state a virtual machine, make a copy of it, and restore it (details here: ). While this is an effective solution - it can result in...
  • Michael Rys

    The XML changes in the February CTP

    As you probably have heard by now, we not only have released a new SQL Server edition called Workgroup that is quite a bargain given the included functionality, but now have also released the February CTP for SQL Server 2005 . Tom lists many of the cool...
  • Write Ahead Blog

    Broker in SQL Server Express

    I have been asked more than once if SQL Server Express has the Service Broker feature and if there are any limitations on the use. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a version of SQL Server 2005 that is available for free (strategically being released...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Mr. CIO Guy Has Left The Building

    As he wrote on his blog, Pat Helland's last day at Microsoft is tomorrow. He's busily cleaning out his office right now. :( He's starts on Monday @ Amazon to help them implement a service oriented architecture. I heard their CTO was hiring . Pat's a big...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    SharePoint Partners

    Over the past week, I met two partners. One while I was in Boston and the other today in Redmond. In Boston, I met with Certeon who is developing a SharePoint WAN acceleration appliance. A beta of their product is going to release soon. Definitely a promising...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    My Phone Rocks.

    I got my new phone today, and it is just so cool. After 1 year at Microsoft, surrounded by people who have Smart Phones and PocketPC phones and being told by countless people, "Dude... you have got to get a real phone", I finally got one. I chose this...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    Thank you - SLC, and TWF

    To those of you who came out to the event today (3/3/05) in Salt Lake City, and to Twin Falls on 3/1/05, I want to thank you for coming out to the event. I had a great time talking to you... For those of you who had any questions or comments during or...
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