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  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Lo basico en recursos

    Workshops Publicaré una post especial para listar la oferta de workshops. Esta lista incluirá la oferta que tiene MS y los partners a nivel Latinoamérica (LATAM). Por el momento listo los workshops esenciales, aunque el recurso que los imparte (MS...
  • [MSFT]

    Get the Connected Systems Kit

    If you care about SOA and how to connect different systems together, don't let this excellent opportunity pass you by. Get the kit totally free (even worldwide shipping is free) at the Connected Systems page.
  • Brad Abrams

    Clean up Beta1 install before installing Beta2

    Just found this link… looks I thought I had Beta1 removed from my machine but it found some Sql stuff laying round… If you are having trouble with your Beta2 install, try this out and see if it helps. The auto uninstall tool at
  • Glen's old blog

    Server offline

    Hmm, it appears that the server hosting my graphics and sample code files is offline. I'll have to check into that. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The Old New Thing

    Developing a Chinese/English dictionary: Introduction

    A change of style: Writing a complete program, in a bazillion little steps....
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Managed Space Invaders and Add/RemovePressure demos

    Several people have asked me about the managed Space Invaders demo, as well as where they can get the code for the Add/RemovePressure demos that the CLR team showed while in Atlanta. You can find these demos as well as several others online: http:...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    What’s “Enable RPC Debugging” option in VS.NET?

    The “Enable RPC Debugging” option is a somewhat well hidden option in Visual Studio .NET. It is available in VS.NET 2002, 2003 & 2005. You can set/clear this option by navigating to the Tools menu and selecting Options . On the options dialog select...
  • A CRM Riff

    Visual Studio 2005 Versions

    For a good summary of the upcoming SKU's of VS 2005 and Team Server, check this out: . It's pretty informative and an easy read. -Kemp
  • Rob Caron

    On-Demand Team System Webcasts from the Experts

    The following webcasts from the experts on their subjects are now available for on-demand viewing: Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enterprise-Class Version Control Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS) provides a completely new, highly...
  • Just Coding


    CodeHTMLer allows you to convert plain source code text files to HTML version of it: and it's source code it's free !!
  • Rob Caron

    Upcoming Team System Events

    Here are some upcoming events where you can learn more about Visual Studio Team System: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Technical Training (Microsoft) San Jose, CA: Thursday, 6/2 Visual Studio 2005 DevCon (Microsoft) St. Louis, MO...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2005-05-09

    Visual Studio Team System If you’re installing Beta 2 using Virtual PC, you should learn to appreciate the almighty differencing disk . Chris Menegay shares Q&A from recent his recent Team System classes here and here . Mickey Gousset...
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