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  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Ferments are personal

    Updated "What I'm Reading" in the sidebar. I'm playing with various fermented foods, but I'm keeping the topics in my personal blog . If you're interested, go there... Sandorkraut is my hero!
  • One Louder

    Free Tablet PC apps

    Gotta love free stuff! I'm just starting to truly appreciate my Tablet PC...using OneNote to take notes in meetings is huge for me. One step closer to becoming paperless. Anyway, there are some new apps to download if you have a Tablet. I installed them...
  • David L's Blog

    Go you Hoary Hedgehog!

    I think it was Dolemite who so eloquently put it, "Way down in the jungle deep, the bad ass lion stepped on the lions feet!". Well, I'm not looking to step on anyones feet, but I'm certainly keen to see how my new hoary hedgehog holds up as an OS. ...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Calling all Northeast Wisconsin .NET developers!

    Those of you who attended the Appleton, WI MSDN Event this past Tuesday will recall the brief discussion at the end of the day about interest in a .NET user group in the area. Since there was a group in the past, and by the show of hands there was clearly...
  • One Louder

    Apprentice Recap Coming

    I'm behind on the Apprentice recaps, I know. I watched last weeks episode while it aired (you know for actual entertainment...I guess I was encouraged by Erin's departure) and out of sheer habit or a subconscious feeling of general disgust (pick your...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Are Windows Mobile Smartphones too big ?

    Today I took delivery of my new Windows Mobile Smartphone, this is a clamshell device which I was hoping was going to fit into my pocket - much to my surprise it's slightly larger than expected. - Mike
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Little Lost APIs

    When you have an API set as large as the Win32 API set, sometimes APIs get "lost". Either by forgetfulness, or by the evolution of the hardware platform. We've got one such set of APIs here in multimedia-land, they're the "aux" APIs. The "aux...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Hope Springs Eternal

    At last, the baseball season is upon us—and what better reason for a completely off-topic blog post? As the famous saying goes, everyone is in first place on opening day. As an Oriole fan, Opening Day always means different things in different years....
  • Test Guide

    Show Them That You Care

    Apoorva asks, in response to my post from SD on the House Of Quality : But how does one reach out to a broad spectrum of customers? Getting feedback from a regular/power user is not that difficult - but how do you get passive users interested in participating...
  • Roberdan

    Building a Searchable Phone Directory with Windows SharePoint Services

    "On our Web page, we will display the information pertinent to calling a fellow employee from your desk: name, telephone extension, and country. While Northwind has only a few employees, we want to provide the ability to search by first and/or last name...
  • SPal's WebLog

    Eliminating Multiple Evaluations of XML Data Type Methods

    I have seen a few scenarios in which a value is extracted from an XML data type instance in SQL Server 2005. The query performs some checks on the value such as its type (e.g. whether it is numeric) or compares it with a constant, and returns a value...
  • A.J.Anto's WebLog

    What it takes to get a lease.........

    Hi all, I found this pretty useful content in one of our internal DL's. I thought it should be available more widely. The following describes what it takes to get a address lease from the DHCP client. It describes the various steps taken by the...
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