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  • Innovación Tecnológica

    A9: La competencia de MSN, Google y Yahoo

    Amazon se unió a las fiestas de independencia de Mé xi co y el 15 de septiembre lanzó A9 oficialmente (En mi blog anterior , ya había escrito un post sobre la versión beta de este sitio) . Las principales caracterísitcas de A9 son: - Guarda la historia...
  • Alain's Globosphere

    TechEd Yokohama has been great and a nice experience

    As I said earlier in my blog , I had the opportunity to speak at TechEd Yokohama. This was my first time in the far east and my first contact with the Japanese people in their own country. First of all, I felt ... lost! Actually, very few of them can...
  • Visual Studio Team System

    Q: Why does the RunFxCop task fail when I run MSBuild from the command line?

    A: When you build from the command line, the build report may contain an error for the RunFxCop task that says, "The system cannot find the path specified." This is a known problem that is fixed in later releases. It occurs because the environment variable...
  • Beat Schwegler's 2 Cents

    Back alive and ready for JAOO

    After two and a half week of perfect rock climbing in Southern France and Northern Italy I’m back alive and ready for my presentations at JAOO . Hope to see you there!
  • Rakesh's Blog


    Say I have the following code in Employee.h namespace Company { class Employee {}; } Manager.h namespace Company { class Manager {}; } When the user drags an inheritance line between Manager and Employee, we will generate the following code in Manager...
  • Dave Welsh's WebLog

    The fading myth of Open Systems, time to think about Interoperability

    A message via via from onStrategies just passed my way and it had to do with a new piece that should be out on Friday Sept 17th called " The Myth of Open Systems ". Before going any further this is not trying to slam Open Source. The author Tony Baer...
  • Robert Green's Visual Basic Blog

    VB Suggestions Update Sept 16

    As of this afternoon the VB team has 232 suggestions entered through the MSDN Product Feedback Center . This is up from 186 the last time I reported, which was August 25. Over the past two weeks we have made a serious effort to reduce our backlog on these...
  • Sharp Things

    Hack the Build: Target Overriding Step-by-Step

    Jomo Fisher--John Lam recently mentioned Target Overriding as a useful tool for extending a pre-existing build process. In MSBuild, a target is a grouping of build functionality—there’s a good MSDN article here that gives some details. The build scripts...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    My new Tablet PC Specs

    People have asked me for the specs of my new tablet pc . This is what I can tell you Toshiba Protégé M200 Processor 1.7 GHZ Pentium M Screen Display,12.1"TFT Memory 1024 MB Video Card Integrated 32MB VRAM(Shared) Hardrive 60.0GB, ULTRA-ATA Wireless Yes...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Safely firing an event, Part 3

    Take another look at Safely firing an event . According to Grant , there’s another issue here. The JITter may optimize away locals in situations where you think want them for thread safety. So the recommendation to make a local copy is not as valuable...
  • Matt Powell

    WS-* Specifications Simply Explained

    The Intro to WSA article that we published today is one of my favorite articles that we have published recently. Felipe, Chris and Don worked on this piece for a long time and it does a nice job of explaining the underlying rationale for the Web service...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    MSDN2 and .NET Namespace Support

    The word is out, there is a new MSDN library site that is serving up the Visual Studio 2005 BETA documentation, and that is . [via Sean Gephardt ] And the coolest thing about MSDN2... "Tip: Our system supports URLs of...
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