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  • Michael Rys

    SQL Server 2005 CTP XML functionality enhancement (also known as the SQL Server XML Christmas presents)

    The article provides information about whitespace preservation when parsing XML and gives an outlook of what to look forward to in Beta3 in the XML space...
  • Lisa Wollin

    Modifying the FrontPage Date/Time Web Component

    If you've ever inserted a date or time using Date and Time on the Insert menu in FrontPage, you may have wondered how you can change the date and/or time format. Well, you're not alone. We recently had the following comment from a customer asking for...
  • Rob Earhart's WebLog

    Yet another reason not to handle all SEH exceptions

    ... you'll probably forget to call _resetstkoflw() in your exception handler when it's a stack overflow exception. This re-establishes the guard page, so that the next time the thread hits a stack overflow, it'll get another stack overflow exception;...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    A Sad Day

    I’ve just noticed that Syon Bhattacharya passed away yesterday after fighting stomach cancer through a post on Larry Ostermans’s blog I never really knew Syon but he was instrumental in the early days of MovieMaker when we were hooking up Direct Show...
  • Glen's old blog

    Aren't microbes cuddly?

    Well, if you get them from GIANTmicrobes they are! :-)
  • Being a new PM at Microsoft

    Cool toys to play with

    Playing with cool software has always been something I really enjoyed. Primary reason being it allows you to admire the works of a talented set of people. They are a manifestation of the fact that there are so many problems in the tech world which I am...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Recruiters and commission

    Simon’s comment on my last post made me aware of a fact I always assumed you all know … but actually you may not. While agency / headhunter recruiters often get paid “per placement,” most corporate recruiters (Microsoft included) receive a steady annual...

    New .NET Show Episode: ADFS

    There's a new .NET Show posted just in time for the holidays. Check it out here: ADFS Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS, formerly known as "TrustBridge"), is an identity and access management solution which provides a secure environment...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Contractual Obligations (or, 'First Contact with Contracts')

    Christian Weyer led a very interesting discussion last night at the IrishDev meeting about the importance of Contract-First Web Service design. What Visual Studio needs, in his estimation, is a good WSDL designer that would allow architects to focus on...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    New XP Embedded tutorial videos now available!

    Hey all, some folks on the XP Embedded team have recorded some video demonstrations of various features of XP Embedded, including walkthroughs of some of the new XPE SP2 features. Click here to check them out today! I did the Device Update Agent (DUA...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Changing Jobs

    I became a Microsoft employee in May of 2000, and I've been a consultant in our Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) organization for the past 4½ years. Although I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in the field, I've always wondered what it would be like to...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows XP Embedded SP2 Tutorials.

    Windows XP Embedded SP2 is now available for download – this provides a number of updates from Windows XP Embedded SP1, including Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM), updates to the Enhanced Write Filter, all of the XP Pro security updates (Security...
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