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  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    The CE Telnet Server

    A lot of folks (even in the CE team) don't realize that Windows CE has a telnet server as an optional component. This is not something that we see you putting in shipping devices. It is a very cool tool during your initial development of your platform...
  • Josh Lee's Financial Services Blog

    I HATE the Presidential Debates !!!

    I really hope that I am not alone in this line of thought, but I really hate the Presidential Debates. I did debate back in secondary school and college, and to call these things "debates" is an insult to pillow and tickle fights everywhere. I don't know...
  • David Kline

    Back from vacation

    Just a note that I am back from vacation (have been for a few days now) and have finally dug out from under email, etc. I plan to get back to the business of posting what I hope you will all find helpful, interesting and/or useful in the next day or so...
  • MS.COM Operations Tools Team WebLog

    The effects of /PAE on large file copies

    In the world of Operations, one of the many tasks that you perform routinely is large file copies. Recently, the point was brought up that when the copy operation is initiated from a server that does not have the /PAE, the copy completes significantly...
  • Brad Abrams

    An example that uses List.Exists(Predicate match)

    Over an internal alias someone asked for an example of List .Exists(Predicate match) … I thought you might find it fun and google might help me find it later when I need it ;-) List < string > l = new List < string >(); l.Add( "Red" ); l.Add...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Work on the C# Team...

    Jay writes about some openings to work on the C# team. If you've never considered working at Microsoft, you might want to read
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    Feedback on Microsoft Products

    Have you ever wanted to tell Microsoft about a feature that you want in a product? You can easily do just that, and more, at . And yes, the people building our software do actually read these suggestions...
  • Dino's Blog

    Cooperative Fiber Mode Sample - Day 10

    In this article we’re going to look at the implementation of Abort and RudeAbort. In the last article I mentioned that a typical host wouldn’t need to expose these to managed code. Why is that? If you have a fiber mode scheduler typically Thread.Abort...
  • Scott Woodgate's OutBursts

    BizTalk Server 2004 High Availability Guide

    There has been lots of demand for this 40 page document and the announcement isn't quite on the biztalk site but the download is ready. Go grab it here . It covers architecture (topology) for high availability includes adapters. The download includes...
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Come work on C#

    I wanted to post a short note about all the different job opportunities available today in C#. We have 3 areas of focus: C# IDE (Refactoring, intellisense, etc. - what I work on) C# Compiler (command line compiler + IDE integration) Visual Studio Debugger...
  • Clinick's Clinic

    RE: One Free Donut in my office

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  • Hirlpoo West

    Hold music

    Color me easily amused - I was on the phone today handing off one of our customers to the support organization of one of our third party tool vendors and ran into something interest - you got to pick from six music options while you were on hold. “Press...
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