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  • Pedro Silva's Blog

    DSL Tools in the News

    Here's the first mention I saw of the latest preview release of DSL Tools in the media. Hopefully, developers will start making use of some of these features to create their own model-driven designers.
  • A CRM Riff

    Adding an Icon to a Command on a Toolbar

    Commands can appear on both menus and toolbars. On toolbars, it is common for a command to be displayed with just an icon (to save space) while on menus a command typically appears with both an icon and text. Icons are 16 pixels wide by 16 pixels high...
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    Almost There

    Last week I was in Atlanta to pack up my families stuff and close on my house. Everything went relatively smooth, but I'll hold my breath until everything is delivered out of storage. The good news is that my house closed, so I'm officially homeless now...
  • Live Search

    Announcing Search Champs v2

    In October 2004, about 30 technology enthusiasts from around the world came to our Redmond campus to take part in an early preview of the new MSN Search service and assist us in the development process. The Champs reviewed our product plans from the bottoms...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    Litebulb: Regular Blog Posting...Takes Great, Less Filling!

    It just hit me: Regular posting has a value in addition to the production of the longer "thought" pieces. I was looking at my 200+ RSS feeds that only a couple of them, in my case Scoble and Dave Winer , have a place in my Favorite Folders (I use Newgator...
  • Matusow's Blog

    Shared Source - More than Windows.

    Thanks for the feedback on the first posting with meat on the bones. I’m moderating the comments in an attempt to keep the spammers at bay – but I’m posting all comments, positive or negative to keep this a space of “open” thought. Sorry, couldn’t help...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    "So Why Isn't Latin Shipped With the Framework?"

    Lots of people ask this question, replacing Latin with their favorite language. might give a hint as to the size of the general problem. There are about 6800 known languages, in many more language/country combinations...
  • Test Guide

    Stuffing My Brain, Part 01

    I'm at Software Development West this week. My brain always hurts by the end of the week (this is my eighth SD) but right now that pain is far off. First up is a half-day tutorial on Domain Driven Design presented by Eric Evans (author of the book by...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    My Dream App : the dream continues

    If Greg Low can dare to dream , dammit, so will I! Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about My Dream App . This generated a few comments and some emails from different folks, links to sites . I even got a screen shot of a sample which got me very...
  • BizTalk Core Engine's WebLog


    Okay, peridiodically the marketing team / other teams ask me to post things to make sure the word is getting out about events. My guess is that all of you are reading scott woodgate's blog (see my links) and if you are not you should, so these will probably...
  • Patterns & Practices Test

    Welcome to the Patterns & Practices Test Blog

    This blog is dedicated to testing patterns & practices guidance and code blocks. An example of our latest test guidance “Testing .Net Application Blocks” located at
  • Rob Caron

    Robin & Liangxiao Demonstrate the Application Designer (Part 1)

    [via Josh Ledgard ] “Robin and Liangxiao are both SDETs on the Whitehorse Team. In part one of this two part video talk about life on the VSTS team and kick off a demonstration of how the Application Designer can be used in a team environment...
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