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  • Brad Abrams

    Productivity -- but to what extreme?

    By far the most important feature of the CLR (and WinFX and managed code generally) is developer productivity. We want developers to be able to build better applications, faster on the managed platform than anywhere else. As a side note, I once saw a...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Free Reporting Services Training in Atlanta

    Gotta love the perks :) Microsoft Partner RDA presents Reporting Services 7/19/2004 1:00 PM - 7/19/2004 4:00 PM Language: English-American Microsoft Chicago Conf. Room Two Concourse Parkway, Suite 400 Atlanta, Georgia 30328 United...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Free BizTalk and SharePoint Training in Atlanta

    Sit in the comfort of the Atlanta Microsoft offices and listen to RDA talk about BizTalk and EAI. While you're at it, make it a full day and listen to what they have to say about Collaboration and SharePoint as well... all free. Click here to go to...
  • Chris Johnson


    Unfortunatly i am not currently at home to stare in awe at this ... but apparently i took delivery of my Simon James Design Ejection Table. HOT! Cant wait to get home and see the thing!
  • Chris Johnson

    I am in Canberra, Australia!

    Over here doing some work for a customer and thought i would post a view from the top of a hill ... showing the planned city Canberra. I have not found it as boring as most have told me ... and it is really interesting being in a city that was totally...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    ReSharper .85 is out

    .84 was a huge performance improvement. I am hoping that this will even be better. My question of the day… will I miss this in Whidbey?
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    .NET CF Resources @ Code Project

    Wow... there are a ton of great .NET Compact Framework articles and samples over on Code Project . Check it out! It looks like many of these are the result of a contest that just ended (giving away 5 Pocket PC devices). What other sites do you look at...
  • Paul Andrew

    TechEd New Zealand Registration Site is LIVE

    It's alive, or has been born as our webmaster would say. You can check out details of TechEd New Zealand and register here. Get the early bird discount by registering before 30th June 2004.
  • Mike Harsh's Blog

    Whidbey Hype vs. Content for Current Versions

    Many customers have been complaining about the lack of new articles, samples and excitement around VS.NET 2003. This forums post is an example. Great language skills aside, he makes a point. A very significant portion of new MSDN...
  • One Louder

    Our newest Platform Evangelist has joined the team...

    I told you last week that we made a great new hire recently as a result of our work with the Software Product Marketing eGroup and the Silicon Valley PMA. I'll let Ben introduce himself a little more later, but wanted to find out what kinds of questions...
  • One Louder

    Heading to Boston in September

    I think I mentioned before that I am speaking at a recruiting conference in Boston this September. Well, given that Boston is a great location for talent and I don't love flying, we decided to turn this into a recruiting trip. Basically, our recent trip...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Good Customer Service

    The other day, I was wine tasting in Portland with Chuck Humble, a friend of mine. In general, it was a great trip -- I wound up coming home with several cases of delicious wine and had some great conversations with wine makers and wine literati in the...
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