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  • distilled

    One louder...

    Who Am I? Andy Milligan, a Program Manager working for Microsoft in sunny Redmond. I'm from Scotland originally so Redmond IS sunny. Are you that Andy Milligan? Nah, not that one. To be clear, he made those decidedly weird horror exploitation movies which...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Custom Entity Classes

    It's been a while since I mentioned any new content on the ASP.NET Developer Center , and there's a reason -- I've been remiss, and haven't scratched any out lately. Well, I think the drought is over, I hope (I passed two more articles on to the editors...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Database Projects in Visual Studio (by Krishna)

    Summary: Database projects are simple file based projects that allow you to store and execute database scripts and queries. Within a Database Project you can edit, test and deploy your databases using scripts. You can either add your existing scripts...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    Alert 是 SPS2003 和 WSS 上很有用的一个功能,可以及时告诉我们信息的变更。但经常,这项功能会工作不正常。要解决这个问题,应该先明白在 SPS2003 和 WSS 中, Alert 产生的机制是怎么样的。 在 SPS2003 中,简单地来说, Alert 是经过下面的步骤产生的: 1. 我们在门户网站上添加了一些新的内容以后, SPS 会在更新索引的同时,把相关的信息添加到 _SERV 数据库中。 2. SPS 会从 _SERV 数据库获取这些信息,然后把这些 Alert 的信息添加到...
  • oliverlu's WebLog


    如果我们添加的内容源是一个网站,例如 ,那么 SPS2003 实际上是通过 Http 协议来索引这个站点的。但对于 SPS2003 自身的门户网站,或者门户网站下面的一个 WSS 站点, SPS2003 就不是简单地通过 Http 协议来索引了。 实际上, SPS2003 对于自己的页面,是通过 Web Service 来访问的。对于门户网站,使用的 Web Service 是: http://<servername>/_vti_bin/spscrawl...
  • Visual Studio Graphics Debugging

    Analyzing a performance report in Visual Studio Team System 2005 Part 1: The Summary View

    In my previous series of blog posts I’ve outlined how to create and configure a new profiling session in Visual Studio Team System 2005 . Now I’m going to take a look at using the various analysis views provided by the IDE to diagnose a performance issue...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    User Group Meeting in Darwin @ Charles Darwin University March 16th.

    March 16 th at 5PM at Charles Darwin University please join Microsoft and CDU for a evening of Pizza and Coding with Visual Studio 2005. For more information please contact Charles Sterling . Title: A Developers Lap around Visual Studio...
  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    Sprint 5 planning

    Greetings all – Well, our Product Owner got the product backlog ready in time for the first sprint planning meeting, where we pick the product backlog items we’ll use for the sprint. This planning meeting happened yesterday & went pretty smoothly...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    Build Server Licensing Question

    We get a lot of questions from customers at the events we run, the answers to which I'm sure will be of interest to others as well. I'm going to publish questions (and answers) that I get and I've asked my team to do the same. Hopefully that way many...
  • Brian Groth's Life at Microsoft

    MSF Agile

    I just came across the core ideas behind the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development, which you can download . After you download the content, you can find the following information, which I think are great points to keep in...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Architecture Track at TechEd.

    Architecture Track at TechEd. The next step in the TechEd content process is to list, prioritize and start culling to come up with the top 13 sessions. I am working on this offline so the list below does NOT include earlier submissions (these can be seen...
  • Ozzie Rules Blogging

    Data Track at TechEd

    Data Track at TechEd. The next step in the TechEd content process is to list, prioritize and start culling to come up with the top 13 sessions. What you see below is my first attempts at ordering the data and moving some of the Business Intelligence content...
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