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  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    SDWest 2005

    I just got accepted to speak at SD West 2005. I plan to leverage some of the architectural theme work I am doing for my presentation. Here is the abstract: "Over the past year several specifications and standards activities have emerged to address the...
  • To the tune of James

    Stegman on Windows Forms Future - ch9 interview

    So I get this question alot from ISVs: Should I commit to Windows Forms and will Avalon make them irrelevant? ( Ok I paraphrased and munged 2 questions into 1. ) In the short time that .NET has been out we've been through several iterations of the Framework...
  • Dave Welsh's WebLog

    Top Ten Reasons Canada Rules

    From the September Skiing magazine edition: 10. The Selkirk mountains get more than 40 feet of snow per year. 9. Resort names like Fernie and Louise remind you of your great aunt from Deleware. 8. Canadian congressional reports say pot poses no threat...
  • Glen's old blog

    Directions - use at your own risk?

    So I’m up here in Westborough , MA for MSDN Events this week. One of the things I like to do when I’m on the road is play trivia. It’s something fun to do when drinking and/or eating. After finding the address for the event venue, and locating a nearby...
  • Dean Rowe's WebLog

    Welcome Eric Gunnerson

    Eric Gunnerson starts with the Movie Maker team today and I'd like to give him a warm welcome to our team. Eric is a long time blogger and brings with him lots of C# and C++ experience to the team. Welcome Eric.
  • JasonMcC's WebLog

    IIS6.0 Server performance tool download

    I came across this server performance tool in the "MS This Week" email that I’m sure some of you get and mostly delete! Here’s a blurb on the free download (for IIS6.0 only – so no XP or Win2K!) Service Performance Advisor is a server performance diagnostic...
  • Adarsh's blog

    Understanding the basic of FtpWebRequest programming model on .Net frameworks

    A long standing complain from user of .Net frameworks was that it doesn't have support for popular ftp protocol. This concern is going to addressed in .Net frameworks 2.0. Recently released Whidbey Beta-1 contains FtpWebRequest, FtpWebResponse classes...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    Mobility Roadshow in Atlanta

    While I'm in my (!(!blog)) mode... If you live in or near Atlanta, we have a pretty cool mobility roadshow coming on November 4th. it's free, and details are here: Despite the freak with the uncombed hair on the page...
  • To the tune of James

    The phone I want

    I have to admit, I'm a closet gadget geek. At a meeting I was in last week, a friend let me play with the cool new phone out from Orange: I prefer this form factor to a clamshell, but...
  • dougturn's WebLog

    The unthinkable: actually posting another blog...

    In my never ending quest to never blog, there must be the occasional exception. All seriousness aside, the DevDays 04 content is (finally) available to the world, and anyone else who might want to look at it.
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    ASP.NET Tips and Tricks

    Are you in the Northern Virginia/DC area? Interested in learning some advanced tips for ASP.NET? There's a free seminar available next week at our Reston office you might want to sign up for: Do you need to develop real business applications in ASP.NET...
  • Roberdan

    It's not so beautiful, ....

    but for 10 mins work with FrontPage 2003 could be a good starting point:
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