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  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Hey, why am I leaking all my BSTR's?

    IMHO, every developer should have a recent copy of the debugging tools for windows package installed on their machine (it's updated regularly, so check to see if there's a newer version). One of the most useful leak tracking tools around is a wonderfully...
  • Brad Abrams

    Games in managed code

    A guy on my team just noticed that Arena Wars! is new game writing in managed code…. Has anyone tried it? How is the perf? Does managed code make a good gaming platform? What are some other grames written in managed code?
  • One Louder

    Great article today on building morale

    In the ERE daily newsletter, David Lee asks " Are you Really Serious About Improving Morale?" . David posits that "goodies, gimmicks, and gala events" don't work (gotta agree with him there...these things can be fun but don't have a long-lasting impact...
  • Chris Johnson

    A must have for global mobile workers

    Was pointed to this little gaget on a email list at work. This has got to be a must have for any global mobile worker. I have often been wandering around airports and cities wondering where i can get a Wi-Fi connection. This little key ring gaget provides...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Fast Visio Flowcharts

    Here’s what I do if I want to create a simple but good-lookin’ Visio flowchart FAST. I’ve marked formatting steps as [OPTIONAL] since they aren’t required to put together the flowchart itself. 1) Finding the stencil: Open the Business Process | Basic...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Random thoughts before I ramble on...

    It's been hard to focus on writing a post in the last week as I have been thinking about getting work done before I leave on my three week trip to the UK and Ireland . Well, that and I haven't had anything profound to say. I have had a few moments and...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Popeye the Laptop ?

    MIT Works to Power Computers With Spinach eWeek - 9/27/2004 MIT researchers say they have used spinach to harness a plant's ability to convert sunlight into energy for the first time, creating a device that may one day power laptops, mobile phones and...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Design Guidelines Digest

    Lots of people have asked me to create a short version of the Design Guidelines. Here it is. You can also email me directly at if you would like to get an MS Word copy of the digest, hich has a bit better formatting. [UPDATE...
  • Jason Barile - Testing Testing

    What's in a name - redux

    A while back, I asked what people wanted us to call our command line application. Today, we're using "h.exe" as a placeholder. Well, I'm happy to announce we've reached a decision and are now planning to call it "tf.exe", as in " T eam F oundation". So...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Visio SP 1 Administrator Install Questions

    I heard in email from a blog user asking: 1) How best to determine what SP is installed? 2) How to determine the path to where the app is installed (is there a reg key separate from the office key)? Sounded like a pretty common question that IT admins...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Exactly what is "Over The Top"

    On the Northwest Rocketry mailing list, there are sometimes discussion as to what qualifies as "over the top". Here's an example in a related field.
  • .NET Security Blog

    Why Can't I Change the KeySize of Asymmetric Algoritms or: The Joys of Backwards Compatibility

    Here's a little quirk that can definitely cause a lot of confusion. When I run the following code snippet, what do you suppose the output will be: RSA rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider ( ) ; Console . WriteLine ( rsa . KeySize ) ; rsa . KeySize = 4096;...
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