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  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Timestamps and the Team Foundation Server

    I was recently asked about how date/time stamps are stored in the TFS. The concern was centered around distributed development that crosses timezones. If someone in the UK checks in a piece of code to a server in California, how will the stamp be preserved...
  • To the tune of James

    US ISV team blog roll

    So I've finally done a little house keeping and added the team blog roll to the right panel. Please visit the sites of those whose brains are arguably larger than mine!
  • Engels Rajangam

    Planning to add info on "Underlying connection was closed" errors.

    Planning to add information on "Underlying connection was closed" errors, until a KB article is written. This is done. You can read the article here
  • Microsoft Azure サポート チーム サイト

    [お知らせ] 年末年始のサポート窓口休業のお知らせ

    こんにちは、Windows Azure サポートチームです。年の暮れも迫ってまいりまして、寒さも厳しくなってきました。皆様いかがお過ごしでしょうか。IT業界は、年末・年始なく働いている方もいらっしゃるかと思いますので、風邪などひかないように暖かくお過ごしください。 本日は、開発サポート窓口の年末年始の営業時間をお知らせいたします。 12月30日 (金)~1月4日(水)は、年末年始のため、窓口休業いたします この期間中、Web からのお問い合わせは受信いたしますが、1 月 5 日の通常業務開始以後の対応となります...
  • Viewpoints

    Join Us: Transforming IT with Microsoft Private Cloud Executive Webcast, January 17

    Register here . In 2012, cloud computing will transition from hype and discussion, to part of every enterprise's reality, and IT is uniquely positioned to lead this transformation and help business reap the benefits of cloud computing. To help you...
  • Katrien's MSDN Blog

    Call for C++ Community folks in Belgium – January 10th meeting

    Are you passionate about C++ and interested in finding like-minded people? Feel like coming together, setting an informal User Group in 2012? We’d like to support you in that and have a call to action for you. Marc Gregoire , C++ MVP and author of the...
  • DAU-Blog

    YIELD Operator Fun

    Recently I was looking for a nice way to process large text files and keeping memory consumption at a minimum. Though I wanted to keep input logic strictly separated from filtering and processing components. I figured this is similar (but simpler) to...
  • John R. Spinella Blog

    Targeted for Visual Studio 2012 – DevOps Deployment Workbench Express Edition

    New Video posted today by my good friend and team mate on YouTube about the DevOps Workbench Express Edition and how to do your very own custom deployment. Casey and I will be doing several more, and interviewing people from the team on how to use the...

    NuGet 2.7 と Visual Studio におけるパッケージ復元機能の強化

    今回は、NuGet 2.7 で強化された Visual Studio 2012 / Visual Studio 2013 の NuGet パッケージの自動復元機能のお話です。 以前、こちらのブログ記事 " ASP.NET でソース管理システムへの NuGet パッケージのコミットを不要とする " で「 NuGet パッケージの復元の有効化 」機能をご紹介しました。 非常に多くの NuGet パッケージを含むようになってきた ASP.NET プロジェクトで、この「NuGet パッケージの復元の有効化...
  • Devosaure

    Test Unitaire C++ dans Visual Studio 11

    Les tests unitaire sont disponibles dans la version Preview de Visual Studio 11. Une fois que votre projet est crée, il est possible de rajouter un nouvel élément  de type C++ Unit Test (cpp) comme illustré sur la figure suivante. Ou de rajouter...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    2 free Ice themes for Windows 7 to download

    1. Ice Water Theme “ Ice and water go together like Astaire and Rogers, cookies and milk, and all the other great teams: beautifully. Each on its own is nice, but together they create something with extra sparkle. Add glamorous images of this all-time...
  • Мишка на Сервере - Днем и Ночью

    Новогодние HTML5-снежинки!

    Накануне новогодних праздников наши партнеры из запустили специальный проект – Снежинки . С помощью онлайн-редактора каждый из нас может вырезать индивидуальную снежинку, чтобы поделиться праздничным настроением с друзьями. Также снежинку...
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