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  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Deciphering Windows safe boot and last-known good configurations

    Yesterday I was working with one of our developers on an issue related to the Enhanced Write Filter in XP Embedded (also known as EWF). I installed the EWF driver on one of my test machines - it is an upper filter driver that has to be loaded at boot...
  • Nick MacKechnie

    Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit & Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Released

    The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Resource Kit consists of tools that can be categorized into the following categories: · Management Pack Toolkit : Helps you create, test, deploy, customize, maintain and troubleshoot management packs. ...
  • Harrys Blog

    Large Scale Reuse of XML Fragments

    Momentarily I am working on guidelines for organizing business document fragments on a large scale. This guideline will be based on real life experience gathered during a project with the goal to automate a company’s correspondence business processes...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    SharpTools Extensible VS Add-In with Plug-in style SDK

    If you've ever created an add-in for Visual Studio .Net you know that, for first timers, the "COMness" of generated template code and our Extensibility model can be a steep learning curve. Recently, Jon Schwarts sent me highlighting their SharpTools add...
  • Florin Lazar - Consistency Checkpoint

    Don Box about System.Transactions

    This is about an old article posted in MSDN Magazine but I want to make sure you didn't miss the paragraphs about System.Transactions that Don put together in " A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo ": “Indigo also provides significant...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog


    The information in this weblog is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. This weblog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion. Inappropriate comments will be deleted...
  • Steve Cook's WebLog

    Looking forward to OOPSLA

    I work as an Architect in the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools group within Visual Studio. My immediate colleagues include Keith Short , Jack Greenfield , Stuart Kent , Alan Wills and Gareth Jones . We’re all working hard on making the Software Factories...
  • MWCC's WebLog

    New website in the works - tools for SMB IT Pros

    I’ve been throwing around some ideas within my team on how to reach our SMB (Small and Medium Business) IT Pros in the same way that sites like reach our developer community. More specifically, what types of tools can I provide from the...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Jobs @ MSDN

    Shawn and Matt posting about some of the many jobs available at MSDN, in case you know of anyone interested. Also hidden (mostly) in Matt's posting -- the Mighty D is moving from "Content Strategy" to fulltime dev again. He'll be building the infrastructure...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Buying Visual Studio

    We've launched a new section on MSDN today - " How to Buy ". Possibly not a major need for all of you, but I think it's a great improvement over the previous random pages people had to meander over, credit card in hand, desperately trying to find a link...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    如果你使用Virtual PC 2004

    那么现在可以下载 Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Service Pack 1 : 注意: 免费下载,自愿安装,责任自负。
  • Action Jackson

    Virtual PC 2004 SP 1

    We just RTM'ed the sp1 bits yesterday. Click here to download.
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